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Chikuwa Tei – Reborn as Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant

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Latest update: 26 Jul 12 Guess who is back in action? Chef Peter!

Location:Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant:

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, #03-88, Singapore, Singapore 059817

Tel: 6227 0388

An old fren who was lost and found and lost again … Update as of 1st Mar12  >>> Chef Peter aka Mr grumpy food nazi uncle has left Chikuwa Tei …one less jap place to go when one has to be on a budget .. sadness ….



Lunch at Soup Restaurant

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This is where I sometimes end up eating before heading off for my next flight from Changi Airport Terminal 2. It is a gold ole standby that shouldn’t go too wrong.

The usual suspects are the range of herbal double boiled soup, their classic steam chicken dish with special ginger sauce and not forgetting the yangzhou fried rice yummy! If you do have time, the steam fish is pretty decent for the price that they charge but remember there is a minimum waiting time of 25 mins for the steam fish, not too good if you are rushing for a flight!

They had just renovated the place a few months back and I believe that they have also expended their sitting capacity.

Soon Heng Rojak

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I have been away from home for way way way too long when I can stumble upon a famous hawker stall and not know how good it is till I take the time to check out on the stall name after I get home cos I had such good food that day.

This is the story for Soon Heng Rojak for me. I ended at Toa Payoh as I had some errands that landed me there. I noticed this endless queue and the curious ole me decided to join to queue to see what the fuss was about, the worst case would just be some overhyped food stall rojak, the best case would be yet another gem found. Not much to lose, since I had time to kill.

25 minutes of queuing later, I got what I had been waiting for. My very own plate of the Rojak! For SGD$5 it is a pretty generous plate of youtao, beancurd puff, cucumber, pineapple, cuttlefish, century egg, bean sprouts and kangkong that is smoothed in prawn paste and peanut sauce. The cuttlefish was a nice addition that was pretty much of a surprise as not many rojak places include this ingredient!

Was it worth a drive to the other side of the island? Well I wouldn’t make a trip just to have this but should I be in the neighbourhood, I wouldn’t mind queuing for this.

Chikuwa Tei – Another bites the dust

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An old fren who was lost and found and lost again … Update as of 1st Mar12  >>> Chef Peter aka Mr grumpy food nazi uncle has left Chikuwa Tei …one less jap place to go when one has to be on a budget .. sadness ….

Chikuwa Tei is an old friend who is better known as Wasabi Tai @ FEP, yes the one complete with grumpy food nazi uncle who only takes 1 round of food order per person, asks you to scam if you dun like his attitude and who serves some of the most reasonable homestyle japanese food in Singapore.

I’m happy to report that the food still taste as good as it used to but I’m somewhat disconcerted to find Mr grumpy food nazi uncle smiling and all friendly.

The old favs like uninagi, grill chicken, sashimi sets and charwamushi are still as good as they have bEen.


An old friend found, I bet I will be back often. Ps instead of waiting in line for hours like we used to, they now take reservations. 🙂

I scream for ice-cream prata!!!

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This is a place from my high school days, where we would hang out after school, Mr Prata on Evans Road.

The place has not changed much since those days and I’m glad that the prices haven’t changed all that much too! It is still a nice place to hang out and chill with good frenz.

This is the ice-cream prata … a tissue-like prata with sugar , sprinklers, chocolate sauce and strawberry ice-cream treat! Do we love it ? Yes we did, and yes we ordered seconds and yes we have made arrangements to come back for more!

Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant (Goodwood Park Hotel)

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1st visit to Tatsuya since they moved to Goodwood Park from Crown Prince. Yupz it has been a very very long time since my last visit to this old favorite.

Things haven’t changed all that much, it is comforting to realize that somethings don’t change. Dinner here is still as expensive as ever and I won’t suggest coming for dinner unless I’m on an expense account or if someone really insists on giving me a treat! Dinner per head would easily be starting from SGD$280 a head.

The highlight for me then and even now is the bento set lunches that are the most reasonably priced for the kind of quality that they provide. The bento lunches start at SGD$25.

We had the sushi bento and barachirashi bento today and they are as good as they used to be, guess its time for more repeat visits soon. And yes they still do send you the sms to thank you for your patronage! The best part of this is that the bento lunches are available on weekends too but please remember to call in for your reservations in advance!

Seng Kee Black Herbal Chicken Soup 成基黑鸡补品 Kidney Rice Noodles (yo ji mee sua)

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This used to be one of our supper places of choice in the days when we still used to club a fair bit. With the crazy work and travel schedule, it is suffice to say that clubbing takes a backseat to the rest of the stuff that I have to do.

Seng Kee has been the place to go to when we need to get some of this yummy stuff known as Yo Ji Mee Sua. It sounds like something out of fear factor but infact if you are chinese, you would probably have no qualms about wolfing a whole bowl of this down.

It contains a mixture of pig organs and lean pork cooked in a yummy herbal soup … another item that I have to skip for now sobs

Ps if you happen to be early enough you might be lucky enough to score some of this yummy satay too!

Nasi Lemak and Rojak @ Roxy Sq

In Eating out, Food from Home, Outside Dubai, singapore on January 30, 2012 at 11:30

One of the most unlikely locations is where I found my new favorite Nasi Lemak with otak-otak.

Nasi Lemak : Traditionally, this comes as a platter of food wrapped in banana leaves, with cucumber slices, small fried anchovies (ikan bilis), roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, and hot spicy sauce (sambal) at its core. This one comes with ikan bilis (the Malay version of anchovies) and nuts, fried fish, cucumber and not forgetting the sambal!

This is comfort food at its simplest. No expensive ingredients needed. They serve this with a side of otak-otak.

Otak-otak: Otak-otak is a cake made of fish meat and spices. It is widely known across Southeast Asia, where it is traditionally served fresh, there is a spicy fish paste wrapped inside a banana leaf and grilled over a Charcoal fire.

They served a nicely spiced version version of otak otak that totally compliments the nasi lemak that they serve.

The highlight of any decent nasi lemak is the sambal and this version is one of the better ones around. It is spicy, sweet and salty all at the same time.

Its now my regular takeout joint for wkend breakfasts.

In addition to the yummy nasi lemak and otak otak. This coffeeshop also sells a kick-ass version of the chinese rojak or chinese fruit salad with fritters in a spicy prawn paste based sauce.

Fruit rojak consists typically of cucumber, pineapple, benkoang (jicama), bean sprouts, taupok (puffy, deep-fried tofu) and youtiao (cut-up Chinese-style fritters). Raw mangos and green apples are less commonly used. The dressing is made up of water, belacan (shrimp paste), sugar, chili, and lime juice. Ingredients vary among vendors with some also using hae ko prawn/shrimp paste, tamarind or black bean paste in the mix. The ingredients are cut into bite-sized portions and tossed in a bowl with the dressing and topped with chopped peanuts and a dash of ground or finely chopped bunga kantan (pink ginger bud).

The store owner is uncle who is very well dressed for a hawker. He is always in office attire and is always ever so neat.

His rojak is special as the fritters and tofu puff remain crunchy even if I do a takeout rather than eating the rojak at the store. He also has a very well balanced sauce that is sweet, savory, spicy and fragrant.

Just writing about it makes me want to head down for some rojak now! But now for some bad mews, with the current diet, got to avoid them for at least the next 6 months 😦

Roxy Laska

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Wanted to try a different laska at Katong and was directed to Roxy Laska that is located in the foodcourt of Roxy Square.

They claim to be the original katong laska and that they were the ones who invented laska that only required spoons and not chopsticks.

The laska was not too spicy or coconutty. Very mild tasting compared to my usual katong 128 laska.

Not my favourite but I guess it is good if you can’t take too much spice in your food.

Singapore Food Festival – Tingkat Cruise

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There are days when we feel like getting away from everything and behaving like tourists and this Saturday happened to be one of those days.

There had been a Tingkat Cruise that had been organized by the Singapore Food Festival and as touristy as it was we decided to check it out.

A Tingkat is a stacked food container that served as Tupperware before the invention of Tupperware, it was usually made from either metal of enamel. This is what our grannies used years ago when they needed to bring food around.

The cruise took us up river to the mouth of the Singapore river and then back to all the quays. It was a nice leisurely 45 minutes cruise.

We had nasi bryani, satay, meat rolls, fish curries and nonya kways for the meal that came along. The satay was yummy and the nann was so good but the nasi brayani and the fish curry was nothing to shout about.

The food was nothing to write home about but the overall experience had been a fun one.