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三大泡 San Da Pao

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San Da Pao or 3 big cannons is a traditional local sweet snack from Chengdu that gives your palate a break from all the spiciness sze chuan dishes are famous for.

It’s name comes from the booming sounds that are produced when glutinous rice balls are thrown against a brass plate and bounce off into a wooden bucket of mixed soya power and crushed white sesame power.

It is then finished off with a sweet syrup that is made from local brown sugar which brings with it pleasant sweetness and a strong taste of molasses.

It is a wonderful way to end a meal that is made up of street snacks…


Tau Sar Piah or Bean Paste Biscuit

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Tau Sar Piah translated literally as Bean Paste Biscuit is a traditional Chinese snack that my late grandma used to love buying for me when I was a kid. There can be ever so much choices and varieties of pastries available for us today but sometimes all that we look for as we grow older would be the familiar tastes of childhood.

They come usually in salty (savoury bean paste) or sweet (sweet bean paste) filling traditionally but these days we have new flavours like cranberry, pumpkin, melon seeds, winter melon, assorted nuts, pineapple and pork floss

Brought a whole box of 8 biscuits home but most of it was gone before the end of the night. Despite the new flavours that have been introduced, in this case, I’m more of a purist and I prefer the salty filling and only the salty filling lolz.

It may not be trendy and in, nevertheless it sure brings lots of wonderful memories with it. Here’s the last of the lot and found a traditional little plate for it!

Tau sar piah

Tau sar piah

Meals in the Air : Mocktail @ 30000ft

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Just in case you were wondering what I was up to, well been traveling quite a bit these days and mainly around Asia and all that work is making blogging almost impossible despite all the wonderful meals that I have been having recently.

Been flying to the same destinations and I reached a stage whereby I’m able to recite the meal options for the flight even before the cabin crew comes around with the menu.

But boy am I glad that Cathay has decided to bring one of my all time favorite mocktails back to their J class menu! Yippe finally something to look forward to on my flights! The oriental breeze is back ! It is sour-plum tea based with honey, fresh lemon juice and a touch a rose water. It may not sound appetizing but trust me it’s wonderful and I love love love it to bits!

One more for the road? Ps goes great with the pralines provided too!

The bread run …

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Some unexpected fun on a routine boring sunday.

Sundays are rest days for me and I usually would rather stay home than head out.

S wanted to check out this bakery that she read about in the paper for having an interesting range of breads and is supposed to produce one of the better tau sa bao in town.

There I was thinking that it was going to be easy to score some bread and be home in no time but boy was I gonna be proven wrong.

We were led on a wild goose chase, lesson learnt: double check the address listed in the review done by the straits times!!!

They listed the address as Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 Blk728 #01-48. We arrived at Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 and spend like 25 mins driving around looking for blk 728 but despite driving up and down Ave 2 three times we were unable to locate blk 728.

We tried google and checked found another address listed in The address listed was Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 Blk728 #01-48. We then drove to Ave 6 from Ave 4. It took us 5 mins to drive to Ave 6 but took us another 30 mins to locate the block. We finally found block 728 and were overjoyed but then our joy was short-lived as we went around the entire block and guess what? No bakery found.

We got pretty frustrated at this point and we were determined to locate the bakery.

We finally decided to try Ave 4 again and this time we decided to try block 628 which houses the food centre. Euraka! this was the breakthrough that we had been looking for! We had finally located Yi Dai Mian Bao (translated as ‘A bag of bread)!!!

We were glad to see that there was still bread available for us at 8pm at night and that it was not all sold out.

Rather trying just a one or two types of bread, we literally ended up with the namesake of the bakery, A bag of bread each lolz. So much so that the auntie at the counter had an issue adding the total price!

Was it worth the journey? Well I would say that they do serve one of the best versions of tau sa biah and do a mean version of the curry buns! Try the charcoal black sesame bun for something that is out of the ordinary.

Do note that they do not mass produce items so it would take some waiting if there is something in particular that you would like.

Ps loved the way the car smells after we left the bread in the car … The yummy smell of freshly baked bread …

Yay, It is finally durian season again!

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The Durian Season is here again! Joy to durian lovers and woe to the ones who have yet to acquire the taste or rather the smell of it.
Widely known and revered in southeast Asia as the “king of fruits”, the durian is distinctive for its large size, unique odour, and formidable thorn-covered husk. The fruit can grow as large as 30 centimetres long and 15 centimetres in diameter, and it typically weighs one to three kilograms . Its shape ranges from oblong to round, the colour of its husk green to brown, and its flesh pale yellow to red, depending on the species.
We had pre-ordered the durian for today’s degustation from the usual supplier that we use. Thank god we had done that, as the supplier had to turn away many others who came along without preorders.


We had ordered the D13, Green Bamboo and the famous Mao Shan Wang for tonight! 1st pic, D13, 2nd pic Green Bamboo, 3rd pic Mao Shan Wang and the 4th the kitty that wanted durian,
My friends had a great time and look, even the cat had wanted to join in the feast.
Guess we would have to have yet another session before the end of this season.

Gobi Cakes

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Those who know know about my sweet-tooth and my love for all things chocolate. This is another of my fav little places that I head over to for a little something sweet! Gobi Cakes. They do wonderful petit four and Soufflé. They serve soups and light meals too but I usually only come for dessert.

The chocolate petit fours – the chocolate factory

Espresso Baileys Soufflé

Chocolate Soufflé

350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427598
6345 2127

One of the best Satays (Sate) Ever!!!

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This is really one of south-east asian snacks that always makes it to my blog whenever I’m in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia or even Thailand. It is just something about that little skewer of meat/seafood/offal that has been seasoned and freshly grilled to be eaten with or without an accompanying sauce. This is comfort food on the most basic level and I guess the nostalgic or sentimental appeal would most probably be tracked back to grandma who is dearly departed but greatly missed.

Grandma was such a wonderful cook who had a great love for street food too. I guess that’s the origin of my love of the simple yet fulfilling street foods. Enough of the memories, time to get back to the point. scrumptious sate from Bali!!!

This little non-assuming stall in the corner of Seminkak serves one of the best and I really do mean one of the best versions of sate that I have eaten in a very very long time. Unlike other stalls, the meats are seasoned only when you make the order and the dip is also made fresh. So be ready to wait even if there seems to be on one in the queue. Apparently, the locals call in to order via phone before swinging by to pick up their sate.

There’s the sate that we packed away and enjoyed back home after our flight from Bali lolz … It was so good we returned every nite but we only managed to have it one more time before we left as the stall owners did not have fixed opening houses and they opened and closed the stall as they please!!!

I will definitely be back for more on my next trip to Bali … Ps that 50 sticks of sate only only be SGD$5 or AED14 what a bargain!!!

Goodbye Pave

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Bye bye  Pave … Got to hunt for a new scones place again now that you are gone! Yes it is officially, Pave has closed for good. SAd day for me!Have you been to Pave yet? It is a hidden little gem that is located in katong in a old little shop house opposite the new 112 katong.
It is a friendly little cafe that takes pride in the yummicious pastries and cakes that are lovely made in-house.

They have the one of the best scones that I have eaten in awhile and take note that these babies only appear during the wkend!

They have a nice flourless chocolate cake too!

Last but not least, this is for the berry lovers!

Lovely service staff too so I guess I will be returning often.

Soon Heng Rojak

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I have been away from home for way way way too long when I can stumble upon a famous hawker stall and not know how good it is till I take the time to check out on the stall name after I get home cos I had such good food that day.

This is the story for Soon Heng Rojak for me. I ended at Toa Payoh as I had some errands that landed me there. I noticed this endless queue and the curious ole me decided to join to queue to see what the fuss was about, the worst case would just be some overhyped food stall rojak, the best case would be yet another gem found. Not much to lose, since I had time to kill.

25 minutes of queuing later, I got what I had been waiting for. My very own plate of the Rojak! For SGD$5 it is a pretty generous plate of youtao, beancurd puff, cucumber, pineapple, cuttlefish, century egg, bean sprouts and kangkong that is smoothed in prawn paste and peanut sauce. The cuttlefish was a nice addition that was pretty much of a surprise as not many rojak places include this ingredient!

Was it worth a drive to the other side of the island? Well I wouldn’t make a trip just to have this but should I be in the neighbourhood, I wouldn’t mind queuing for this.

I scream for ice-cream prata!!!

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This is a place from my high school days, where we would hang out after school, Mr Prata on Evans Road.

The place has not changed much since those days and I’m glad that the prices haven’t changed all that much too! It is still a nice place to hang out and chill with good frenz.

This is the ice-cream prata … a tissue-like prata with sugar , sprinklers, chocolate sauce and strawberry ice-cream treat! Do we love it ? Yes we did, and yes we ordered seconds and yes we have made arrangements to come back for more!