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Green peppers with Century Eggs 青椒皮蛋 and Chicken soup rice 鸡汤饭

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The 2nd in my street food series of Chengdu, I present green peppers with century eggs paired with chicken soup rice. A typical breakfast for the locals who can’t seem to live without their favorite spices.

The green peppers are 1st minced and then lightly fried in a dry wok before black pepper and chilli oil to the mix. This mixture is then poured over cut century eggs.

The century eggs are preserved duck eggs in this case that has been treated and cured with a mixture of clay, Ash, salt, quicklime and rice husks, resulting in the colors that u see in the picture. This chemical process breaks down some of the complex, flavorless proteins and fats, which produces a variety of smaller flavorful compounds and a jelly like texture for the egg white. It may be an aquired taste if you are not used to it, as the egg is now highly alkaline and smells of ammonia.

The chicken soup rice on the other hand is much easier on the pallette. It is a local version of congee/porridge that had been cooked using chicken soup instead of the usual water that is used in the cooking of congee.  In this version, wood ear fungus, Chinese ham and silvers of shredded chicken has been used to help develop a more complete flavor profile.

All in all a filling and yummy breakfast that is just the right thing to start a cold winter morning. The cherry on the sundae is the cost of this meal! This meal was found in a small deli barely 400 meters away from my hotel that is filled with local regulars and I can see what brings them back,  it is the unbeatable combination of great food at reasonable prices. This meal cost me 15 Rmb or just over 3 SGD and definitely beats the breakfast that was included with my room at the hotel!


三大泡 San Da Pao

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San Da Pao or 3 big cannons is a traditional local sweet snack from Chengdu that gives your palate a break from all the spiciness sze chuan dishes are famous for.

It’s name comes from the booming sounds that are produced when glutinous rice balls are thrown against a brass plate and bounce off into a wooden bucket of mixed soya power and crushed white sesame power.

It is then finished off with a sweet syrup that is made from local brown sugar which brings with it pleasant sweetness and a strong taste of molasses.

It is a wonderful way to end a meal that is made up of street snacks…

In-flight Yumminess from SCAL

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Yuan Xiao, CNY special menu on SCAL…  One of the best in-flight meals that I have had in ages, puts many of the business class meals that I have had to shame with its fresh ingredients, rich flavours and melody of taste. It may not look like much but it’s appearance tells little of what delights are to be expected.

The name of the main course is ‘年年有余’ (Nian Nian You Yu) which means May every year end with ample surplus). The expression is used to wish people to have ample surplus by the end of every year so that they are able to be better prepared for the next year. In Chinese language, the character “余(surplus)”shares the same pronunciation with “鱼( fish)”, thus making fish the star of this dish.

The fish was fresh and flaky and cooked just the way I like it. The sze chuan vegetables add flavor without overwhelming the taste of the fish.  The rice was fluffy and not dried out like how it usual is onboard. The slices of green vegetables add a crunch and a different dimension to the meal.

End the meal with my favourite Chinese herbal drink, huang lao ji!

Coupled with the attentive and warm service from the cabin crew, guess who will be flying with them soon again!

Before I go, here’s the cute panda from the in-flight safe video!!


Da Dong Prawn Noodle

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It has been awhile since I had time to blog and finally found something worth taking time out to write about.IMG-20130124-00165

Rediscovery this Prawn noodle place that I used to have years ago, not the cheapest around but I guess I don’t really mind playing for what I really enjoy.

Their commitment to fresh and quality produce is obvious and the fact that the soup doesn’t contain MSG is a plus for someone who is MSG intolerant like me as it means no endless thirst after my meal.

The noodles here cost anything from SGD$5-13, depending on the serving size as well as the types of ingredients requested.

The uncle manning the stall tends to get orders wrong when they are busy but I guess that’s something that I’m just not that particular about considering how good the food is here.

The soup is fragrant and filled with the unmai taste of prawns, however the uncle does not allow any refills. Aside from the soup version, the uncle also serves a yummicous ‘dry’ version of noodles with a kickass homecooked chill paste.

Guess that I will be back more often now that I have found them again!



Tau Sar Piah or Bean Paste Biscuit

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Tau Sar Piah translated literally as Bean Paste Biscuit is a traditional Chinese snack that my late grandma used to love buying for me when I was a kid. There can be ever so much choices and varieties of pastries available for us today but sometimes all that we look for as we grow older would be the familiar tastes of childhood.

They come usually in salty (savoury bean paste) or sweet (sweet bean paste) filling traditionally but these days we have new flavours like cranberry, pumpkin, melon seeds, winter melon, assorted nuts, pineapple and pork floss

Brought a whole box of 8 biscuits home but most of it was gone before the end of the night. Despite the new flavours that have been introduced, in this case, I’m more of a purist and I prefer the salty filling and only the salty filling lolz.

It may not be trendy and in, nevertheless it sure brings lots of wonderful memories with it. Here’s the last of the lot and found a traditional little plate for it!

Tau sar piah

Tau sar piah

Chả Cá Thăng Long

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Chả Cá Thăng Long is an infamous Hà Nội dish. It originates from the Chả Cá Lã Vọng restaurant that is more than 100 years old. In the simplest of terms it can be describes as fish that has been marinaded in turmeric. The fish is first grilled and then fried table-side. It’s served with tons of fresh dill, other herbs, crush peanuts, and rice noodles.

Ms H my Vietnamese colleague was insistent that I had to try this else it would have been like as if I never visited Hanoi, how can I resist trying a dish that has survived more than 100 years to become a well-loved cultural icon. The restaurant’s exterior was nothing to shout about being located in an old shop house with surprise surprise … no menus!

Who says you need a menu a mile long to succeed? Just one dish is what this place needed. The fish was simply cooked but it was the complex and yet well balanced flavours that won me over. Will I be back, sure anytime I’m in Hanoi that is!

Me thinks that this is the year of the come backs … Guess who’s back too?

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2 come-back posts in the row with more to come!!! Its really nice to see our the chefs that we like come back from either retirement or from setbacks!

For those of us who have missed Pips and Charcoal Grill and Chef Simon who helms the grill there since they closed in the earlier part of 2012, there is some good news to share! They are back!!!

With a new name and a new place, the sambal chill chicken chop and the sirloin steaks are back! Are they as good as they used to be, well yupz in fact I feel that things have improved as they now have a much bigger variety of food available. In addition to the grill menu that they are known for, they have now gotten a bigger menu that includes desserts too!

The only gripe that I have about the new location is the same one I had in their previous one, I’m so not liking the lack of parking spaces around!

There’s what we had that day!

The classic sambal hot wings which were the hot hot hot fav! So good that we almost forgot to take its photo before we attacked it!

The grill salmon … one of the better ones we had in ages … Don’t you hate salmon that over cooked and dry? I’m so glad that the salmon that day was grilled to perfection with a plump pink centre that was moist! Yummy!

Who could forget the chicken chop and sirloin steaks? They were just like we remembered!

Remembered what I said about dessert in the beginning of the post. Pls don’t forget to leave some space for the desserts here. We had the Bobo Hitam that is served in a coconut with ice-cream topped wif durian puree and served with coconut juice in test tubes …

Little Nonya Express

101 Jalan Kembangan Singapore 419139
Tel : +65 6242 8191

From Sun-Thurs
11.30am-3.00pm (last order 2.30pm)
6pm-10pm (Last order 9.30pm)

Fri & Sat
11.30am-3.00 (last order 2.30pm)
6pm-10.30pm (Last order 10pm)

Nasi Ambeng in Jakarta

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Nasi Ambeng, a traditional and authentic Javanese feast served on a ‘dulang’ (big serving tray) and lined with banana leaves. More than 7 delectable dishes are stacked on a bed of steamed rice in a mountainous display. It truly is a feast!
Nasi Ambeng is a festive dish of Javanese origin. Note that it’s pronounced “um-bng”, and does not rhyme with kambing (goat/mutton). At weddings and festivals, it’s usually served communal style in a big heaping stack, on a serving tray called “dulang” lined with banana leaves. The name “ambeng” apparently refers to that round tray. The dulang can be a large silver or wooden platter, the use of which celebrates abundance and sharing.

Traditionally, four to eight people sit on the floor around the rice-stacked dulang and share the feast. They eat using their hands as they banter and bond over the delicious food. Leftovers are packed for guests to take home. In fact, historically the nasi ambeng takeaway was evidence for husbands to prove to jealous wives that they were indeed at a kenduri (feast), and not elsewhere.

Authentic Nasi Ambeng is truly a feast of many toppings – sambal goreng (fried sambal vegetables and beancurd), serunding (fried grated coconut), acar (mixed pickles), urap (salad with spicy grated coconut), bagedil (potato cutlet), beancurd and fried tempeh (fermented soya bean) plus a choice of a main dish – mutton, chicken or beef rendang, or fish. Some versions even include noodles as a side dish.
Ambeng rice dish is typical of Java in the form of white rice that is placed on Tampah and side dishes were all around. Side dishes may include cakes , salted fish fried, peanut brittle , chili fries , eggs boiled, tempeh fried, ointment , fried noodles , and fried chicken .

Ambeng rice dish is served in salvation as a symbol of good luck. Rice is eaten by a gang of four to five adults. Rice is eaten by wearing with bare hands, without a spoon and fork . Presentation ambeng rice contains a request that all parties who participated endowed much sustenance.
This is one version I had in Jakarta recently.

Chikuwa Tei – Reborn as Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant

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Latest update: 26 Jul 12 Guess who is back in action? Chef Peter!

Location:Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant:

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, #03-88, Singapore, Singapore 059817

Tel: 6227 0388

An old fren who was lost and found and lost again … Update as of 1st Mar12  >>> Chef Peter aka Mr grumpy food nazi uncle has left Chikuwa Tei …one less jap place to go when one has to be on a budget .. sadness ….


The bread run …

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Some unexpected fun on a routine boring sunday.

Sundays are rest days for me and I usually would rather stay home than head out.

S wanted to check out this bakery that she read about in the paper for having an interesting range of breads and is supposed to produce one of the better tau sa bao in town.

There I was thinking that it was going to be easy to score some bread and be home in no time but boy was I gonna be proven wrong.

We were led on a wild goose chase, lesson learnt: double check the address listed in the review done by the straits times!!!

They listed the address as Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 Blk728 #01-48. We arrived at Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 and spend like 25 mins driving around looking for blk 728 but despite driving up and down Ave 2 three times we were unable to locate blk 728.

We tried google and checked found another address listed in The address listed was Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 Blk728 #01-48. We then drove to Ave 6 from Ave 4. It took us 5 mins to drive to Ave 6 but took us another 30 mins to locate the block. We finally found block 728 and were overjoyed but then our joy was short-lived as we went around the entire block and guess what? No bakery found.

We got pretty frustrated at this point and we were determined to locate the bakery.

We finally decided to try Ave 4 again and this time we decided to try block 628 which houses the food centre. Euraka! this was the breakthrough that we had been looking for! We had finally located Yi Dai Mian Bao (translated as ‘A bag of bread)!!!

We were glad to see that there was still bread available for us at 8pm at night and that it was not all sold out.

Rather trying just a one or two types of bread, we literally ended up with the namesake of the bakery, A bag of bread each lolz. So much so that the auntie at the counter had an issue adding the total price!

Was it worth the journey? Well I would say that they do serve one of the best versions of tau sa biah and do a mean version of the curry buns! Try the charcoal black sesame bun for something that is out of the ordinary.

Do note that they do not mass produce items so it would take some waiting if there is something in particular that you would like.

Ps loved the way the car smells after we left the bread in the car … The yummy smell of freshly baked bread …