Babe’s Chicken Dinner House, Texas, Dallas

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​Serving up well loved fried chicken and chicken fried steaks since 1981, in a down home style! But not easily located as proven by my uber driver who drove us around for like 15 minutes before we found it!

It is well loved by locals and that is evident in the crowd that just keeps on coming even during the off peak hours, imagine a 20 to 30 minutes waiting time at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. Not too many foreign tourists here and I kinda stick out like a sore thumb but service was still great!

It’s really down home and down south here. Not the easiest place for uber drivers to locate it seems, my driver got us lost for a good 15 minutes but we found it all the same! Yippee!

You get a choice of meats: fried chicken is the most popular but I just love chicken fried steak! 

1. Fried Chicken 

2. Fried Chicken Steak

3. Fried Chicken Tenders

4. Fried Catfish

5. Hickory BBQ Chicken 

Sides are served family style and yes you get refills too! No need to choose cos you will get it all.

1. Buttermilk Biscuits 

2. Green Salad

3. Creamy Gravy 

4. Grandma’s corn

5. Mashed Potatoes 

6. Green Beans 

The salad was nothing to shout about but man the biscuits were out of this world! Crusty on the outside and oh ever of soft on the inside, a dab of butter and maple syrup elevates it to the next level.

The beans were alright and I skipped the cream corn cos I just don’t like corn lol. The mashed potatoes were divine! Creamy potatoey goodness that can only be made with love and a match made in heaven with the gravy!  yummy cheesy, creamy gravy that went with everything. 

The star of the show is the chicken fried steak! Love how it is fork tender after that lovely coat of batter. It’s the best of both worlds, the flavourful batter for the yummy fried chicken and my all time favourite steak!!!

Was it worth the drive and the search?  U bet it was! I will definitely make my way back should I be here again!

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