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Green peppers with Century Eggs 青椒皮蛋 and Chicken soup rice 鸡汤饭

In Eating out, Outside Dubai on March 1, 2016 at 09:39


The 2nd in my street food series of Chengdu, I present green peppers with century eggs paired with chicken soup rice. A typical breakfast for the locals who can’t seem to live without their favorite spices.

The green peppers are 1st minced and then lightly fried in a dry wok before black pepper and chilli oil to the mix. This mixture is then poured over cut century eggs.

The century eggs are preserved duck eggs in this case that has been treated and cured with a mixture of clay, Ash, salt, quicklime and rice husks, resulting in the colors that u see in the picture. This chemical process breaks down some of the complex, flavorless proteins and fats, which produces a variety of smaller flavorful compounds and a jelly like texture for the egg white. It may be an aquired taste if you are not used to it, as the egg is now highly alkaline and smells of ammonia.

The chicken soup rice on the other hand is much easier on the pallette. It is a local version of congee/porridge that had been cooked using chicken soup instead of the usual water that is used in the cooking of congee.  In this version, wood ear fungus, Chinese ham and silvers of shredded chicken has been used to help develop a more complete flavor profile.

All in all a filling and yummy breakfast that is just the right thing to start a cold winter morning. The cherry on the sundae is the cost of this meal! This meal was found in a small deli barely 400 meters away from my hotel that is filled with local regulars and I can see what brings them back,  it is the unbeatable combination of great food at reasonable prices. This meal cost me 15 Rmb or just over 3 SGD and definitely beats the breakfast that was included with my room at the hotel!