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三大泡 San Da Pao

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San Da Pao or 3 big cannons is a traditional local sweet snack from Chengdu that gives your palate a break from all the spiciness sze chuan dishes are famous for.

It’s name comes from the booming sounds that are produced when glutinous rice balls are thrown against a brass plate and bounce off into a wooden bucket of mixed soya power and crushed white sesame power.

It is then finished off with a sweet syrup that is made from local brown sugar which brings with it pleasant sweetness and a strong taste of molasses.

It is a wonderful way to end a meal that is made up of street snacks…


In-flight Yumminess from SCAL

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Yuan Xiao, CNY special menu on SCAL…  One of the best in-flight meals that I have had in ages, puts many of the business class meals that I have had to shame with its fresh ingredients, rich flavours and melody of taste. It may not look like much but it’s appearance tells little of what delights are to be expected.

The name of the main course is ‘年年有余’ (Nian Nian You Yu) which means May every year end with ample surplus). The expression is used to wish people to have ample surplus by the end of every year so that they are able to be better prepared for the next year. In Chinese language, the character “余(surplus)”shares the same pronunciation with “鱼( fish)”, thus making fish the star of this dish.

The fish was fresh and flaky and cooked just the way I like it. The sze chuan vegetables add flavor without overwhelming the taste of the fish.  The rice was fluffy and not dried out like how it usual is onboard. The slices of green vegetables add a crunch and a different dimension to the meal.

End the meal with my favourite Chinese herbal drink, huang lao ji!

Coupled with the attentive and warm service from the cabin crew, guess who will be flying with them soon again!

Before I go, here’s the cute panda from the in-flight safe video!!


I’m back!

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It has been yet another hiatus from writing for me… Almost 2 years since my last post, if you can believe it.

Much has happened to keep me from writing but it’s water under the bridge now.

But well guess what? I’m back!

Stay tuned cos I’ve got updates from London, Hanoi, Chengdu, Hong-Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Laos and more