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One of my latest favourite and new find…the insanely yummy grilled beef set lunch so of such good value!!!




Can’t believe how time flies…

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It has been more than a year since I last updated, but I must say it was the best yet worst year.

Had to undergo a major life changing surgery that took me out of action for more than six months.

Found out who were the ones who are there for me in good times and bad and bid farewell to people whom I thought were my friends but had proven to be fairweather folks.

Felt the love of my friends and family, my nearest and my dearest.

Now I’m much better and I’m ready to take on the world 🌍 again… Abet with some limits from the docs…

I hope we all get to see the rainbow after the rain!!! Enjoy the rainbow 🌈 marbled cake that I baked over the weekend .