Meals in the Air : Mocktail @ 30000ft

In Eating out, High Altitude Dining, snacks n bites on October 31, 2012 at 01:23

Just in case you were wondering what I was up to, well been traveling quite a bit these days and mainly around Asia and all that work is making blogging almost impossible despite all the wonderful meals that I have been having recently.

Been flying to the same destinations and I reached a stage whereby I’m able to recite the meal options for the flight even before the cabin crew comes around with the menu.

But boy am I glad that Cathay has decided to bring one of my all time favorite mocktails back to their J class menu! Yippe finally something to look forward to on my flights! The oriental breeze is back ! It is sour-plum tea based with honey, fresh lemon juice and a touch a rose water. It may not sound appetizing but trust me it’s wonderful and I love love love it to bits!

One more for the road? Ps goes great with the pralines provided too!

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