池記雲吞麵家 – Chi Ji Wanton Noodles

In Eating out, Hong Kong on July 1, 2012 at 15:02

In Hong Kong, wonton noodles are usually served in steaming hot soup with shrimp wontons and garnished with leafy vegetables. There are plenty of variations of this popular Cantonese dish, with different toppings and garnishes.

There are four distinct features: First, the wontons are predominantly prawn, with small amounts of minced pork, or no pork at all. Second, aficionados will insist on fresh, smooth thin noodles which are al dente, free from the taste and odor which is characteristic in many egg noodles when cooked. Third, the bouillon is light brown (prepared from dried flounder) and is usually steaming hot. Lastly, garlic chives are used as a garnish. The first two give the dish a wet but crunchy or crispy mouthfeel. The last two give the dish a unique bouquet.

In order to ensure that the noodles are perfectly al dente the cooking process and sequence must be meticulously adhered to. The wonton is cooked first, and then placed in the bowl. The noodles are blanched for only 10 seconds, after which they are rinsed under cold water and placed in the serving bowl. Piping hot bouillon is then scooped into the bowl, on top of the wonton noodles. The bouillon must be tasty, yet not so strong as to overpower the delicate taste of the wonton and the noodles which it is meant to accompany.

Was looking for a quick lunch that was near to office in central and was looking forward to a yummy time. Chi Ji is one of the more popular wanton mee joints in Hong Kong and I just love their branch in central!

Being summer its too hot for my favorite crab porridge so I just went for the special of the day. The wantons that were made from live sea shrimps. The soup was just how I remember it to be and the special wantons were tastier than the normal wantons.

My colleague had the beef tendon and wanton noodle soup and fresh veggies. This was his lunch!

The lunch crowd here is insane and the whole 2 story restaurant is packed to its rafters! Ps the is a 15% discount for weekday takeout order so we actually will consider this option the next time I’m in for a meeting.

  1. I miss hong kong style noodles!!! Would you by any chance know if some place in Dubai has some? Decent ones.

    • Have seen some in Westin brunch before I think but I’m not sure if they are still serving hong kong style noodles 🙂

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