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Crepe day @ Marche

In Eating out, Outside Dubai, singapore on April 23, 2012 at 09:56

It’s a crepe crepe day for us today. There are days when I just feel like throwing the rule book out of the window and doing as I please, well today is one of those days.

Was at Vivocity with a friend and we decided that we should visit Marche for dinner as we have not been there in an age.

It was a wonderful choice as we both could have what we wanted. We quickly got a table and went off to get what we wanted.

Can it be a greater surprise to see that we have both chosen to have crepes for dinner? Well to make the distinction, my friend had the savoury smoked salmon and cheese crepe whereas I decided to thumb my nose at convention and have a chocolate strawberry dessert crepe for dinner.

They are not the best crepes in the world but I do have to say that we enjoyed them and sometimes the company counts for more than the food but I’m glad to say that I enjoyed both today.


Osaka Town (Raffles City SC)

In Eating out, Outside Dubai, singapore on April 18, 2012 at 22:42

Got stuck running errands in town and was starving as I didn’t have time for breakie early, so I ended up trying Osaka Town as they had the shortest queue and on second thoughts that wasn’t a good idea at all. Shouldn’t have chose on such random factors, should have just eaten a curry puff instead but I guess somedays when I get too hungry I don’t think that much. These are usually days which I end up with some crappy meals!

Ordered the chicken teriyaki special which was some of the worst I ever had, the sauce was soo sweet I ended up eating only 3 pieces before I gave up and decided to eat elsewhere. As expected, don’t expect me to return anytime soon.

Gobi Cakes

In Eating out, Outside Dubai, singapore, snacks n bites on April 16, 2012 at 08:36

Those who know know about my sweet-tooth and my love for all things chocolate. This is another of my fav little places that I head over to for a little something sweet! Gobi Cakes. They do wonderful petit four and Soufflé. They serve soups and light meals too but I usually only come for dessert.

The chocolate petit fours – the chocolate factory

Espresso Baileys Soufflé

Chocolate Soufflé

350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427598
6345 2127

An Old Friend Rediscovered – Oso Ristorante

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Oso is an old friend who has been forgotten and rediscovered again and guess what 3 repeat visits in 2 weeks shows you just how much I have missed this place.

The chief and the restaurant manager who owns this Italian joint hail from good old Senso on club street and I’m glad to see that even the service staff have remained with the duo over the years.

My 1st experience with the type of magic that they weave was more than ten years ago when a high school classmate introduced me to them.

The bread basket was little disappointing tonight as the tomato bread was too salty but the yummy breadsticks made up for that.

The antipasto was balm to our hungry tummies, even dad who usually doesn’t enjoy cheese finished his goat cheese and took my share too via I was busy taking photos of the food. Special mention goes to the salmon tartar which went well with all of us 🙂

We were then presented with soup … A mystery soup that was served 2 ways. Hot in the bowl and cold in the half-shell. Surprise surprise its truffle potato soup. We all loved the cold soup more than the hot soup. See the chef even personified all our eggs … Don’t this cheeky egg remind you of me?

Next up was our pasta course. It was a simple seafood linguine in tomato sauce. The freshness of the shrimp, cod and scallops was clear and the tomato sauce brought up the umami of the seafood. The handmade linguine was cooked till al dente and soaked up the lovely tomato sauce. Another serving pls!

Time for the mains, we had duck and fish for our mains and it seems that the fish was better than the ducks today but I must say the duck was above average but the fish today was sublime!

Time for dessert … I present chocolate soup! I mean how cool is that? Think thick decadent chocolate that is paired with saffron ice-cream and topped with a lovely butterfly …

And the butterfly takes flights…

Oso is one of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore and they do work hard to deserve the title. I’m glad to see that they have improved over the years and I guess they will be seeing me lots in the years to come!

Happy Birthday Blog

In Musings on April 5, 2012 at 01:16

Wow I just realized that it has been 2 years since I started this blog. 731 days and 200 blogs later, so much has happened and changed  in my life but my love for food and travel remains just as strong. With work being as busy as it is, I hope that I will still find the time and the energy to continue blogging. Here’s to 2 good years and many more to come.

The Queen and Mangosteen

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Met a friend on a lazy Saturday afternoon at vivocity and she had just completed her exams and wanted to pig out to celebrate.

The Queen and Mangosteen was her joint of choice when it came to our late late lunch as she had a major craving for the seafood pie. She had it sometime back and just had to have it today.

The Queen and Mangosteen is more known for being a drinking hole than for its food but we were here for the food today.

She had her seafood pie which looked like a rich and creamy seafood chowder that was topped by a generous serving of mash potatoes before being baked in the oven. It was chockablock filled with scallops, shrimp and fish. Dun belittle it for being tiny as it is extremely filling.

I had the pub fav of fish and chips. The fish was cod and was passable but the chips were yummy especially when they are dipped in the accompanying curry mayo sauce.

The fare was decent for a pub but with some hits and misses I would recommend this place for beers rather than food.