One of the best Satays (Sate) Ever!!!

In Eating out, Indonesia, Outside Dubai, snacks n bites on March 30, 2012 at 07:19

This is really one of south-east asian snacks that always makes it to my blog whenever I’m in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia or even Thailand. It is just something about that little skewer of meat/seafood/offal that has been seasoned and freshly grilled to be eaten with or without an accompanying sauce. This is comfort food on the most basic level and I guess the nostalgic or sentimental appeal would most probably be tracked back to grandma who is dearly departed but greatly missed.

Grandma was such a wonderful cook who had a great love for street food too. I guess that’s the origin of my love of the simple yet fulfilling street foods. Enough of the memories, time to get back to the point. scrumptious sate from Bali!!!

This little non-assuming stall in the corner of Seminkak serves one of the best and I really do mean one of the best versions of sate that I have eaten in a very very long time. Unlike other stalls, the meats are seasoned only when you make the order and the dip is also made fresh. So be ready to wait even if there seems to be on one in the queue. Apparently, the locals call in to order via phone before swinging by to pick up their sate.

There’s the sate that we packed away and enjoyed back home after our flight from Bali lolz … It was so good we returned every nite but we only managed to have it one more time before we left as the stall owners did not have fixed opening houses and they opened and closed the stall as they please!!!

I will definitely be back for more on my next trip to Bali … Ps that 50 sticks of sate only only be SGD$5 or AED14 what a bargain!!!


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