Big Easy Cajun Jazz Bar & Restaurant

In Eating out, Outside Dubai, singapore on March 8, 2012 at 19:15

Had a day at sentosa, not for fun but for work. Sounds weird right, well had to go checkout a few locations for this office event that I needed to organize so I ended up on a whirlwind tour of the sentosa hotels from Capella to Armari to RWS to Rasa Sentosa. By the way, this review was done in sep 2011 and I never had the time to post it lolz.

Time flies when you are busy and yes I did this on my birthday last year. The crazy gal that’s be decided to work the day away from the office and have some fun! Did the whole tour visit menus thing and later decided to call it a day and just look for lunch and mind you it was 4pm by the time I was done and there just doesn’t seem to be the need to head back to the office at that hour especially when I still haven’t had lunch.

The picture of the burger special attracted my attention and there I was having my burger and milkshake. They were not the best that I ever had but they did make my day before I headed out to meet my friends for my birthday dinner!


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