On the Road to Recovery

In Musings on February 8, 2012 at 11:52

Having a positive mindset is really important. It has been more than 7 weeks since I was 1st hospitalized in a pretty critical condition and the road to recovery hasn’t been all that easy but I’m extremely thankful for the love, care, support and blessings that I have received from my dearest family, friends and colleagues.

The weeks flew by in a blur with a wonky body-clock and extreme tiredness that hits anytime. I was bored, totally going out of my mind. You have no idea how it is like for someone like me to be quarantined at home. The lack of freedom to come and go as I please really did bring about cabin fever and even taking the car to the petrol station for petrol felt like a treat. I really really miss having supper with friends and just the freedom to go out of the gate(and out of the house).

The diet was another kind of hell but well anything to beat that stupid @#$%^&*($%^&*^&* bug. The effects of the meds were not fun but the bloating up due to the steroids was totally crappy to say the least.

Finally, received the go ahead from the doctors to start working from home and I’ve never been happier to get back to work!!! Time to work on my goals, plans and KPIs for 2012. Still a long way from full recovery but every bit of progress counts. Can’t wait to get back in the air!!!

Work is not everything but I guess a better work-life balance should be place for the coming year. With more time for my dearest and nearest and not forgetting “me” time!

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, but so glad you’re working your way out. Chin up, and congrats on being able to start working again!

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