Sun with Moon

In Eating out, Outside Dubai, singapore on January 23, 2012 at 11:22

It has been an age since I have eaten at Sun with Moon and was there because it was the choice of the birthday gal.

It was the tofu cheese cake that brought the us to them today. We had 2 little guests with us and they seemed to enjoy the kid’s meal here. So maybe I can consider bring them here again since they really enjoyed the food!

Little couz loving his little meal …

Not so little fren enjoying her “airplane” bento …

Highlight … tofu cheese cake

One of the hardest things for me while I’m sick is the issue of explaining to the 2 little cousins why big sister aka me is in town but we are not heading out for meals and outings. The meals and outings have somewhat been a tradition and bond between us for years and it just gives me a break from work and them a break from school. Don’t really want to scare them with what’s happening with me right now so I guess we just have to be on the lookout for cookouts and stuff that we can do at home for a change.


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