Bitten by a bad bad bug, sadly not the traveling kind …

In Musings on January 9, 2012 at 15:15

Got hit by a really bad viral bug in mid dec 2011 and it unfortunately was caught during one of my duty trips. Didn’t really expect it to hit me so hard. It got me in and out of the hospital, had 15 bottles of drips, bottles of steroids dripped into me, countless tests and even keyhole surgery. The bad news is that the infection hit my kidneys really hard and the doctors are hoping that most of the damage is not permanent but it’s early days yet and we probably won’t know for sure till more comprehensive test results are out in a few more weeks.

This episode has not just served as a reminder of sorts to me that I shouldn’t have taken good health for granted. It has thrown a spanner to my plans and has made me change the way I lead my life. With quite a few lifestyle changes that were enforced by the doctors that are pretty much for my own good.

Aside from that have also been grounded from flying for at least the next 2 mths. Will be on a medically restrictive diet for the foreseeable future, hope I will still be able to find some healthy yet yummy food so I guess that this blog probably will be heading towards a new direction! Ps do share your healthy recipes with me cos I really do need them. Ps its low low protein, no soya, very limited meats, no seafood aside from fish and a long list of fruits that I can’t eat sobs since you probably know I’m pretty much had always been a meat-eater.

Shall end this post with a more positive note as its times like these that really shows me how much I have been blessed in my life with wonderful family, great friends and a fabulous bunch of colleagues who have been praying, visiting, being super supportive and helping me fill my quota of work and duty trips. I thank you for being in my life!

  1. I am so, so sorry to read this….I truly hope your kidneys will recover fully…..Wishing you all the luck in the world!

  2. I hope you recover at the earliest. Eat well and rest lots!

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