Steak and Potatoes

In Food from Home on December 29, 2011 at 22:52

Those who know me well enough will know that I’m a meat and potatoes kind of gal but boy it is tough to get decent steak in Sin, think Dxb has pampered me when it comes to my meats …

Can’t believe how many crappy steaks I have eaten in Singapore restaurants.

But thanks to my uncle who is stationed in the states and who travels back every so often. He brings in a fresh supply of choicey beef cuts whenever he comes home.

It really pays to have a good relationship the neighborhood butcher as my uncle’s favorite butch is a gem. He deep-freezes the beef that my uncle has chosen in a day in advance. He then packs the frozen beef in thermal bags with ice packs into a box. All my uncle has to do is to swing by and pay and collect the box on his way to the airport! Neat aye??

The beef arrives from the 20hour flight still frozen and is dropped off into the freezer upon arrival at home.

We defrost the meat when we feel like steak. We love this idea as we turn the odds bits of meat that we trim the steaks into beef rendang so nothing goes to waste.

The best accompaniment to steak is always potatoes. We do enjoy our potatoes with steak. We roast baby potatoes, we mash and bake our russet potatoes. The current family favorite is the truffled mash potatoes but we have started experimenting with mash sweet potatoes too. The recipes are as shown here.

Recipe 1
Recipe 2


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