Kaiho Sushi

In Eating out, Outside Dubai, singapore on November 22, 2011 at 22:17

This is by far my favorite find in the longest of time. Haven’t really spend that much time in Singapore since I started my new job.

Kinda missing my life in dxb but well I guess life is always about moving on.

Back to food, Kaiho is the typical hole in the wall kind of place where the owner/chef knows everyone and what they enjoy.

It is located in Cuppage Plaza and somewhat has a sleazy reputation for ktvs that cater to the Japanese expat population but please don’t let that put you off trying the food here as there is a good reason why this area is also nicknamed little tokyo.

Let’s put the focus back on what matters, the food! It is totally yummilcious. We are looking at the freshest seafood that is at a relatively affordable price point of abt SGD35 a person for lunch and SGD100 for dinner.

Lunch sets are available at SGD28++ and they indeed are a good value for the kind of food that is served. I have enjoyed the chirashi don, takka don, una-don and the kaiho bento so far!

I believe that the pictures speak more than words and here are the pictures from lunch!

I don’t think that I can cover all I love about this place in one post and so look out for the second part of this post, the dinner post!


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