Saboten @ Changi Airport Terminal 1

In Eating out, Outside Dubai, singapore on October 11, 2011 at 14:47

Saboten is a restaurant that specializes in tonkatsu (simply known as breaded pork cutlet). Yupz you do get unlimited servings of cabbage and rice with every set ordered as a bonus this branch offers free green tea and ice-cream (not unlimited) too.This branch is located in Changi Airport Terminal 1 just above the check-in counters.

I have mixed feeling about this place as 2 different visits had resulted in 2 very different experiences. One very positive and the other so very off-putting that I wonder if I have indeed visited the same place.

My 1st visit was fantastic to say the least and my server that day was a gem. Had a shrimp set and my dad had the Soboten special with a selection of all the best that they can offer from pork loin to shrimps to potato cutlets to salmon patties.

The food was pretty good, our tea cups were never empty and we were offered refill after refill of cabbage which really went very well with the sesame sauce that was provided.

The food appeared in good time and we were pleased with the food.

The 2nd visit was however, somewhat disappointing. It all started with the reservations, the lady who picked up our call was rude when she took the reservations.

We were ushered to other side of the restaurants that was filled families and very noisy children. When we asked if we could be seated in the side that I was seated during my 1st visit, the server insisted that the tables were reserved for the walk-in customers. Pretty odd right?

Our server then proceeded to take the wrong orders and they did not give us enough plates and cutlery for all of us. There were 4 of us and we had ordered 4 meals but we were given only 2 small bowls for the cabbage. They forgot to bring the sesame sauce to the table and had to be reminded twice before they came back with the sauce. Our cabbage bowl was not topped up till we reminded them 4 times. At this time, I wasn’t too happy with the service that has been given to us.

To add salt to the wound, the food served to us was cold and the pork loin was raw inside!!! Plus they forgot to serve the pickles that are mean to help cut thru the grease. On the pickles, our server then rudely remarked that it was out of stock and that it wasn’t her problem, no apologies at all.

Took us 15 minutes to get the bill and guess what happened? They forgot the ice-cream that were supposed to be served to us. I could understand bad service if the restaurant is packed but to have a group of servers chit-chatting in a corner and struggling to get their attention really takes the cake.

So do you think that I should give them another chance given the very nice 1st meal with them or should I just embargo this place?

  1. Hello!! This is the GM of SSP and i am also really surprsided on your experience at Saboten.
    i would like to invite you personally to come back again and i will make sure that you have a wonderful experience again and again.

    Parmod Kumar Verma

  2. Dear Mr Parmod,

    sorry for the late reply as I have been traveling. Thanks for writing back and I hope that the feedback was helpful.

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