Seafood paradise @ Changi Airport Terminal 2

In Eating out, Outside Dubai, singapore on September 21, 2011 at 10:30

Not my favorite place to eat after my unpleasant experience here not too long ago with a waitress who presented me with a wrong order who had then decided that what she served me was better than what I ordered and that I should eat what she served me. She refused to serve me what I ordered as she insists that she was correct!!! Who was she to decide what I should or shouldn’t eat??? The only reason I didn’t walk away that day is that my grandma was with me and I didn’t wish to alarm her halfway through her lunch.

My gosh, can’t believe I’m back here again. But well it was a lunch meeting with a client and he had chosen the location as he had a flight to catch later that afternoon.

Had decided to get the set meal and that was the seafood fried rice with 3 little side dishes. Side dish 1, 2 slices of smoked duck. Side dish 2, ham and veg. Side dish 3, smoked salmon with tomato salsa. The serving was huge but did not manage to capture the requisite smoky flavour that is essential for the fried rice.

Will I be back of my own will, I don’t think so. I feel that the taste paradise located in Terminal 1 provides much better food and service.


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