Fish and Chippy … in london

In Eating out, london on August 1, 2011 at 05:12

What kind of food do you think of if you are thinking of England? well one of the most common thing you would think of is fish and chip … simple classic, easy to find and not to forget easy on the pocket too!

Well had a long long day of training and I’m simply too tired to go hunting for food and so this leads me to the pub that is located in the hotel and that’s where I head for dinner.

I’m staying at the renaissance heathow airport hotel and i think the name of this pub is Duo but I could be wrong too. Service was pretty good and I got my fish and chips in 10 mins not too bad if you consider the fact that I was starving by then due to a lack of time for lunch and a breakfast that I had at 6am that morning.

Not the biggest fan of beer of i went for still water, yups still water to make me feel less guilty for the deep fried dinner keke.

The dinner didn’t blow me way but was decent i guess.

  1. oh oh if you ARE in london ! i have a HUGE list of food places you can go to …

    • Well, I’m not in London now but will be going again in Sep so would love the list of places to go when I’m there next.

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