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Breakie @ Premier Inn Heathrow

In Eating out, london on July 27, 2011 at 10:46

Was lucky to book myself in any hotel when I arrived 1 day earlier than planned and the original hotel that I booked was unable to accommodate me. thank god for the internet and A who was the most helpful soul.

Checked myself in and had breakie. Not a bad one for a eat all you can deal but as u can see i can’t eat all that much and so it wasn’t like it was really worth my money but waiting in the cafe for them to get my room ready beats standing around in the lobby waiting.


Rack of lamb at 798 Unit & Co at Time Square

In Eating out, Hong Kong on July 22, 2011 at 10:45

Yupz yet another trip to hongkong for duty travel and yet another late night dinner. The hotels in hk were filled to the max thanks to some exhibition and the only room that I could get was in holiday inn express in causeway bay.

The room was totally crappy with walls so thin that when the people in the next room take their bath, you feel like the people are bathing in your bathroom and guess what, no decent breakie and no room service … 😦

The only good thing abt this hotel is the location. Located right next to time square, means that good food is just a 2 min walk away.

Located on the 13th floor of time square is 798 Unit & Co at Time Square, a little bisto that serves cheap beer and later I realized pretty good rack of lambs. The service was not perfect but I guess I shouldn’t complain.

The french onion soup was divine but do give the escargots a miss, over salted, over cooked and over spiced was the escargot … yuck

The lamb chops and rack of lamb were beautifully done to well-done, medium and medium rare perfectly. kudos to the chief.

Will i return for seconds? yes i will but i guess i will just keep to the soups and mains if i do!

Yung Kee … revisited

In Eating out, Hong Kong on July 20, 2011 at 10:32

Got myself some takeout roast goose and char siu when I went to pick up the century eggs from yung kee that I need to grab for my family every time I visit hongkong.

Not the biggest fan of their roast goose but must add that they are actually one of the nicer ones around but I wouldn’t have made the trip there just for it if not for the century eggs which are in a class of their own yummy!!!

Italian Deli @ Jardine House

In Eating out, Hong Kong on July 13, 2011 at 09:27

Having only 30 minutes for lunch during of my days in HongKong had it a challenge to find something other than sandwiches.

Thankfully was directed to a random deli that was able to provide a decent carbonara to me in 7 minutes which left me with 20 minutes to eat and 3 minutes to get back to the meeting room.

It was nothing to shout about but with a number 3 typhoon alert on and the rain pouring, I was thankful to have something hot to eat.

Meals in the Air Part 4

In High Altitude Dining on July 11, 2011 at 10:14

Took the early afternoon flight out and was looking forward to the lunch that was gonna be served.

We started with a nice plate of cut fruits …

The main course nasi goreng with satay. Pretty decent for flight food I guess…

Got the usual ice-cream for dessert … yummy

Meals in the Air Part 3

In High Altitude Dining on July 6, 2011 at 10:23

Yupz, yet another flight and yet another in flight meal.

Decided to go easy today and only have the salad. I love the way the salad was presented and the smoke salmon added a nice touch to the barley mix. Light and refreshing was the way to go!

Super Star Seafood Restaurant 鴻星海鮮酒家 – Hong Kong

In Eating out, Hong Kong, Outside Dubai on July 3, 2011 at 10:20

Yupz this is the post that you gals have been waiting for the cute dim sum post.

So sorry this took awhile cos I’ve been on duty travel and its 4 cities in 2 weeks!

Got taken out for lunch and guess what was ordered for me? Yupz the cutest dim sum … I know I do look kinda young for my age but what’s up with these kiddy meals?

The fried custard bun in the shape of owlets … cute and yummy…

The vegetable dumplings in the shape of butterflies … Soon kway for those of you who know …

The piglets were peanut buns and the rabbits yam …

Ps come for the food but don’t expect too much from the service staff…

Super Star Seafood Restaurant 鴻星海鮮酒家
Shop 1005, 10/F, Food Forum, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay
+852628 0886

Andson’s Bday Cake

In Eating out, singapore on July 3, 2011 at 04:16

What happens when you are looking for something different for a friend birthday. Someone who doesn’t have a sweet-tooth but just loves potato with a passion?

I present the Andson’s ‘cake’, not a cake in the traditional sense but a special order that was made up of buttery mash potato that has been generously flavored with white truffle oil and ‘candles’ that were technically french fries.

So glad the bday boy loved it!!! Happy 30th to my fav ‘sista’!!!

Ps I didnt do any cooking, just did some special orders. The mash was from Azur in Crown Plaza Changi Airport Singapore and the french fries were from Mac Donalds!!!