Hello from Waterside – London

In Musings on June 28, 2011 at 18:10

Sorry about the lack of posts last week. Has been yet another crazy week at work with me traveling to Hong Kong and later on to London. Yupz I’m still in london and not having much time to blog given the time that training ends and then the endless rounds of meeting.

Duty travel these days ain’t the same and I haven’t really had to time to go out for nice meals or head out for a night out. But have been blessed with wonderful weather in london, a really hot weekend with highs of 34 degrees doesn’t this remind you of hong kong or singapore but thankfully the weather is much better now with the temps in the high teens.

Loads of sandwiches and fish and chips coming my way!

Got a few blog posts coming up in the coming weeks on the meals I have had in Hong Kong and London. Till I post again!!!

Might not be able to post pictures till I get home cos I left my card reader @ home … silly me!!!

  1. Fish and chip pictures – can’t wait! Happy travels.

  2. Only had it once so far, will upload posts as soon as I get back !!!

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