My take on the Singapore’s General Election 2011

In Musings on May 6, 2011 at 11:37

This is an article that I can agree with. . How many of us have experienced the sky-high medical costs when one of our loved ones falls ill? Many would really agree that in Singapore you can afford to die but you can’t agree to fall sick unless you have money. Aside from medical costs, how many of us cannot afford our own HDB without mom and dad chipping in to help??? With so many of us working such long hours, who can blame us for the declining birth-rate of Singapore? How many of our peers have given up and decided to move on from here as the quality of life we have here is not justified by the long hours put in at work?

Times they are a-changing, this is the tipping point guys. This is about How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. As much we need to be thankful to the ruling party for what they have done for Singapore in the past 50 years, it is time for us to have some credible opposition so that alternative views can be heard enough of resting on our laurels and living in past glories. We are grateful and have been grateful but it’s time to move on and they need to continue to prove themselves if they want to stay. For I heard this quote from a friend’s father and in a way I feel that they should also be subjected to the same expectations, “When your cost increase, my expectations also increase.” So by being the amongst the best paid in the world, it ain’t wrong if I expect more from you.

We need to have an opposition to act as a check and balance as a start, we really don’t need opposition MPs to be there to be opposing for the sake of opposing. We must not go into such extreme, it will not do our the country any good. We need talented individuals of high caliber to be in public service. For the public service is supposed to serve the public and it takes more than just money they need to know that they can make the difference and serve the public with a passion to make things better for the common man like you and me.

I’m hearten to see the improvement in the quality of candidates fielded by several of the parties contesting this GE. They have limited resources but are driven by conviction, passion and a desire to do what is right for Singaporeans. They fought the best fight they could with what little resources they had to give us a chance to bring about change in Singapore. This shows that maybe for once we are have matured as a nation and is finally ready to have alternative voices in parliament. Then policy debates and the decisions, will truly represent the various voices of the people. And ideally, no one voice will monopolise, but with accommodation and tolerance that will mature our nation.

I will vote for any representative, regardless of whether they are in the dominant or opposing group, as long as they have the heart to serve my countrymen and provide good ideas for the betterment of our lives. I will vote for representatives with policies that promote life, happiness and health of my countrymen, not the sole and relentless pursuit of GDP growth and money. I will vote for a future where the next generation of Singaporeans will have a better Singapore, not one where my countrymen want to migrate because they feel that Singapore is turning into a place that does not feel like home. With all this being said, we must admit that there are good candidates on both sides of the fence and that may the best man/woman win!


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