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Homecooked Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee

In Food from Home on April 30, 2011 at 10:27

Fried Hokkien prawn mee (or noodles) is a uniquely Singaporean culinary invention by southern Chinese immigrants, specifically, the Hokkiens.

The main ingredients are round, yellow Hokkien noodles, bee hoon (to lighten the heavy starchiness of the noodles), beansprout, egg, squid, and of course, prawn.

C had a major craving for this and the hunt to get all the ingredients required began … we needed prawns to cook the required stock, fresh pork belly for flavor, squid and beansprouts for the veggie factor. Eggs that we have at home.

Managed to get everything and cook this in 2.5hrs … yay achievement


Homecooked Dry Mee Siam

In Food from Home on April 28, 2011 at 09:34

Got bored again … yupz i have a short attention span and tend to get bored easily. So what did I decide to do just last wed afternoon … grabbed some tiger prawns from the supermarket and was thinking of cooking my usual version of mee siam when i decided to have it dry instead of with soup for a change so there you have it …

Tribes revisited

In Eating out, snacks n bites on April 26, 2011 at 09:25

I seemed to struck with burger fever recently with 3 burger meals in a week.

Had asked a friend out for dinner and decided to meet at MOE cos it near home and I did not want to travel for a meal after a long day @ work.

Had been to tribes earlier and fell in love with their nice juicy steaks that did not cost the earth … The skewered steak is my fav!!! The thot of that is enuff to make my mouth water …

Decided to take a chance on their burgers as the kid on the next table had one and boy was it yummy…

How good it was? Take a look @ the picture and decide for urself.
Great choice, in fact it was so good we ordered a second burger.

Dinner was nice and reasonable coming in @ AED240 for a 500grams steak and 2 burgers!!!
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shake shack … another american burger chain???

In Eating out, snacks n bites on April 24, 2011 at 17:21

The burger fever has hit Dubai with yet another burger joint opening in MOE.

The shake shack was started in NY in the Madison garden in 888 and has been the choice of young urban professionals since … Heard of the 3hrs waiting time for orders too.

So when I was invited for the launch of their 1st outlet outside the uae, I jumped at the chance … Not so much for the fact that the food was free but rather because I didn’t have to wait 3hrs for it!!!

The star of the night was the shake stack … The Shakestack burger was made up of a portebella mushroom cheese and a nice juicey bEef patty … It was sublimed and it tasted decently well even when it was cold but trust me, u will want this item piping hot …

The cheese fries were yummy when pipping hot but a disappointment once they cooled.

The concretes were interest, reminds me of a macflurry but caution, it got too rich for me after the 5th mouthful and it a little too much for me but still a good choice for sharing … The frozen custards were yummy and we all loved the salted caramel custard!!!

They are kinda pricey for a burger joint and expect to pay no less than AED60 a head. At the same time, will need to add that the burger buns are the best I ever had since I moved to dubai.

Had asked the spokesperson Angelica and she mentioned that all the ingredients were flown in from the states and that is why they are a little pricier than other and that they take pride in making their sauces and custards fresh in house everyday.

Will I be back for more, I will but guess I would leave the kids at home if I had any.

Ps: Did return for another take after the invited review and I must say the rootbeer float is one of the better ones around…