Evening out with the crew from the UAE Food explorers Part 1

In Eating out on January 18, 2011 at 09:11

On a not so chilly winter evening, met the group at 1730hrs for the food tasting session. Game to try what they had to offer …

We started at the Thai Pavilion and had the Tom Yam Kung and the tempura seafood mix. The Tom Yam Kung was pretty good and had the right balance of lemongrass and lime karffer leaves. Not the best I’ve had but pretty good for UAE. The tempura seafood came in a nice batter but the seafood had failed to shine as they didn’t come with the sweetness of the sea …

We moved on to the Moroccan Pavilion and had the lamb coucous and the beef stewed with prunes. The lamb coucous was abit of a disappointment as it tasted blend and the rich flavor of the spices that I had expected did not come thru for me.

The beef on the other hand was a winner from the very 1st bite … The meat was fall off the bone tender and the explosion of flavor was divine! I could taste the sweetness of the caramelized onions and it was the perfect complement to the rich beef stew … This comes highly recommended and is arguably the dish of the night.

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