Manamana Land

In Eating out on December 31, 2010 at 09:10

A little bird told me that I ought to checkout this little hole in the wall in Bur Dubai if I love Korean bbq. I do love my meats and according to my sources what makes them unique in Dubai is the fact that they do serve pork bbq as well!

The Korean proprietress greeted us as we entered the little shop that would properly sit no more than 30 and what made me pretty sure that I was in for a good meal is the overwhelming number of Korean diners in the restaurant.

The proprietress had attended to us personally and her passion to serve good food can be seen. The wait staff however were a totally different story.

The pan chai were average and nothing to shout about but the bbq is what made this place a must visit if you like your meats. The marinades were fantastic and so well done that we didn’t even need to use the dipping sauce.

Point to note as good as the bbq was, the ventilation needs work as we walked out smelling of bbq. The washrooms were also located outside the restaurant in the basement and quite a long walk away.


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