KongFu Chicken

In Eating out on December 11, 2010 at 17:18

I must say that the name and logo of the restaurant located in the China Clutter Cluster in International City is kind of corny and reminds people of Kongfu Panda but I’m digressing from the point of this posting. With a nice like this, I think we can safely guess that they specialize in Chicken dishes.

Was hunting for some Chinese groceries in International City when hungry struck, being unfamiliar with the place meant that I had to take a leap into the unknown and try something different considering how empty the place was when we walked in at about 1300hrs on a Friday with only 2 other customers …

Thankfully the gamble paid off for us. We had chicken and vegetable dumpling that were pan-fried and decent. We scored on the recommended special kongfu chicken noodle and the special marinated pan-fried lamp chops.

The soya milk was a little diluted but I guess you cant really complain about it considering how fresh it was. The special 3 cups chicken that was the order of the guys from the table next to us smelt so good that I think I will be making a return trip if I’m in the area but not good enough for me to make a special trip for it!

A most reasonable meal for 2 that costs just AED 92.


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