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Manamana Land

In Eating out on December 31, 2010 at 09:10

A little bird told me that I ought to checkout this little hole in the wall in Bur Dubai if I love Korean bbq. I do love my meats and according to my sources what makes them unique in Dubai is the fact that they do serve pork bbq as well!

The Korean proprietress greeted us as we entered the little shop that would properly sit no more than 30 and what made me pretty sure that I was in for a good meal is the overwhelming number of Korean diners in the restaurant.

The proprietress had attended to us personally and her passion to serve good food can be seen. The wait staff however were a totally different story.

The pan chai were average and nothing to shout about but the bbq is what made this place a must visit if you like your meats. The marinades were fantastic and so well done that we didn’t even need to use the dipping sauce.

Point to note as good as the bbq was, the ventilation needs work as we walked out smelling of bbq. The washrooms were also located outside the restaurant in the basement and quite a long walk away.



In Eating out on December 29, 2010 at 09:02

Had organized my second foodies’ outing to Shogun for Korean food. It was my 1st visit to the restaurant too but it came highly recommended by my friends who have been living in Dubai for years.

Shogun serves Japanese, Thai and Korean food but I would recommend that you stick to the Korean Menu, especially the Korean BBQ.

We were served pan chai or Korean side dishes when we arrived and the pan chai seems not too Korean but all the same it was pretty good and we had free refills.

We ordered the seafood pan cake which was chockablock with seafood and Korean spring onions. Yummy!

The bbq beef shortribs and sirloin were not marinade but were fresh and were great grilled. The dip that was provided was a good complement to the meat.

We had seafood kimchee soup and stewed beef shortribs too.

Had fun meet some old and new faces and guess we will be doing this again soon!


In Eating out on December 26, 2010 at 08:56

I finally made my way to Wendy’s after a good 6 months in Dubai. Ordered the garden salad and the asian hot and spicy chicken.

The salad came in a huge serving and as expected I took some home as I couldn’t finish it. The chicken was nicer than expected. It was deep fried (yes I know its not healthy but I can’t survive on vegetables alone!) and coated in nice sauce that reminds me of a blend of thai chili sauce and sweet and sour sauce.

Hakka, Al Basha

In Eating out on December 23, 2010 at 09:50

Got a call from a friend to join them for lunch at this place that she discovered in Al Basha. They apparently serve Chinese and Thai dishes.

We had chicken satay as a starter, they were well marinated but a little bit on the dry side.

We ordered kongpao chicken and vegetable green curry to complete the meal. The kongpao chicken tasted too much of the oyster sauce that was used to cook it but the green curry was pretty nice.

The sweet lime sodas were also pretty good. A nice change from our usual haunts but I don’t foresee a return visit anytime soon.

Lazy Saturday Breakfast at Coffee Bean

In Eating out, snacks n bites on December 20, 2010 at 09:48

As much as I like having Mc D’s hotcakes for breakfast, I don’t really fancy noisy kids to go with my breakfast. The solution is to have a more grown up breakfast at Coffee Bean

I felt like having Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon set and so I ordered it! At AED19 it provided pretty good value as it came with a glass of orange juice and coffee/tea of the day. What’s a sat without the indulgence? Well, had added a warm chocolate muffin to my order and to my surprise (well a pleasant one at that) it was like a molten chocolate cake only at a much cheaper price of AED8.

Breakfast wasn’t perfect, the eggs were too soggy and the salmon overcooked but I still had a good breakfast!

Smiling Bkk

In Eating out on December 17, 2010 at 09:46

Smiling Bkk is a recommendation from a Thai friend of mine who has since left Dubai. He mentioned that Smiling Bkk can be counted on for some pretty authentic thai dishes.

Tracking down this place in a bit of a pain as they are located in an alley behind the petrol pump along al wasl road.

The decoration of this place is somewhat eclectic and they would fit right in a suburb in Bangkok.

We took the recommended Smiling Bkk platter with thai fish cake, spring rolls, money bags and prawn crackers. They were pretty good with special mention given to the thai fish cakes.

We order Phadthai with prawns as our main dish but it was a let down. It was too soggy and sweet for us and I can’t find the taste of the fish sauce that essentially makes the dish unique.

The deep fried whole fish was served with a nice sweet, spicy and sour salad that was lip-smackingly good!

Dessert was durian with sticky rice that was just average.

Smiling Bkk has its hits and misses but I reckon that it could be a nice place for a pretty authentic thai meal. Ps they have interesting names for the dishes in the menu but pls do note that they do not accept credit cards and deal only in a cash basis.

Dinner for 2 worked out to be AED185.

Oriental Restaurant. Fujairah

In Eating out on December 14, 2010 at 11:24

The Oriental Restaurant in Fujairah came highly recommended by a good friend of mine and there was no questions asked on where we would have eaten our lunch when we were at Fujairah for the Friday market.

It is indeed located in an alley and it took us some time as well as a call to the restaurant before we could find it.

I’m glad to say that it was not a wasted trip as we had some of the best wah-dan horfan I have had in months and the cereal prawns were fresh and yummy and the harcheong chicken (prawn paste) chicken were fried to perfection. The harcheong could be stronger but I can’t really complain cos that’s the best I have had here so far. The 3 dishes and drinks cost us AED115.

My only disappointment is that being a Friday, Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice were not available. Note to self, try to visit on another day instead of Friday since the Friday market is open on other days too!

KongFu Chicken

In Eating out on December 11, 2010 at 17:18

I must say that the name and logo of the restaurant located in the China Clutter Cluster in International City is kind of corny and reminds people of Kongfu Panda but I’m digressing from the point of this posting. With a nice like this, I think we can safely guess that they specialize in Chicken dishes.

Was hunting for some Chinese groceries in International City when hungry struck, being unfamiliar with the place meant that I had to take a leap into the unknown and try something different considering how empty the place was when we walked in at about 1300hrs on a Friday with only 2 other customers …

Thankfully the gamble paid off for us. We had chicken and vegetable dumpling that were pan-fried and decent. We scored on the recommended special kongfu chicken noodle and the special marinated pan-fried lamp chops.

The soya milk was a little diluted but I guess you cant really complain about it considering how fresh it was. The special 3 cups chicken that was the order of the guys from the table next to us smelt so good that I think I will be making a return trip if I’m in the area but not good enough for me to make a special trip for it!

A most reasonable meal for 2 that costs just AED 92.

Umi Sushi

In Eating out on December 7, 2010 at 09:44

One of the worst sushi experiences that I have ever had!!! Yucky rice that wasn’t even sticky or flavored with sushi vinegar … that aside the salmon and tuna sashimi and weren’t fresh. Add poor and bad service to the mix … We won’t be back anytime soon!

The service staff should work on their product knowledge and service with a smile.

Uni Sushi
JBR Mujan

Bacon wrapped prawns!

In Food from Home on December 5, 2010 at 09:55

Got too much bacon in the freezer and they are expiring soon … arug what should i do with them?

Well decided to cook them wrapped around prawns with charsiu sauce brushed on them. Wanted to grill them but didn’t get a chance to fire up the grill … so the next best thing to do is to bake them!

They turned out to be great so nice I have yet another easy peasy recipe for when I have guests over for dinner!