Cochin Part 2 – Mary Brown Express

In Eating out, India, Outside Dubai on November 25, 2010 at 09:18

I must admit that I’m kind of lost with regards to what’s good to eat in Cochin and having a fear of getting food poisoning during a business trip somehow limits my food choices as much as the street food tempts me I have the greater fear of diarrheal.

A familiar signboard called out to me while I was hunting for dinner. Mary Brown Express with the famous fried Chicken that in my books beats the old guard KFC! I definitely have to order their chicken whenever I visit them and this is no exception ordered 2 pieces of chicken yummy!

What’s visiting a fast food chain in a foreign country without trying something that’s specially catered to the local taste buds, I introduce Tandori Nuggets! What are they? They are vegetable nuggets that have been seasoned with the spices that are usually used in the marinating of the Tandori Chicken. I didn’t know that it was vegetarian till I had a bite of it! For a moment I felt cheated as I had expected Tandori flavoured chicken nuggets! But soon realised that even fastfood chains need to cater to the huge vegetarian population in India.

The fried chicken saved the day for me as those who know me know I love my meats and hate my veggies! Word of caution as the chicken here are spicy! So don’t order this if you can’t take the heat!


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