Cochin Part 1 – Garden restaurant, Hotel SAAS Towers

In India, Outside Dubai on November 22, 2010 at 09:10

Cochin Part 1 – Garden restaurant, Hotel SAAS Towers

What do you eat when you are faced with a less than fun time in a place that you don’t really enjoy? Got caught up in endless rounds of meetings with almost no end in sight. At times like these, any break is treasured.

My counterpart S based in Cochin took pity on little old me and brought me to a little cafe in a hotel nearby for lunch. The place is nothing to look at and infact I wouldn’t walk in if I were alone but S had high regards for this little place and so I deferred to his expert opinion.

Had some spicy chicken Masala and chapatti for lunch, nothing too exciting. I was wondering why had S praised this place to high heaven?

The answer was revealed when his lunch arrived! It was a vegetarian feast for one! It looked colourful and appetizing but being no veggie fan I just watched S enjoy the meal and simply I was glad to have a break from work.


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