Hong Kong Food Adventures Part 5 – Joi Hing Char Siu

In Eating out, Hong Kong, Outside Dubai on November 18, 2010 at 09:06

If you are a fan of Char Siu or BBQ pork like me, you should never miss Joi Hing if you are every in Hong Kong. I remember my 1st visit to Joi Hing more than 10 years ago.

I was in Hong Kong shopping with a friend and we were famished after 1 whole day of shopping.

Shopping is very exhausting you know! Just a travel tip: You can always trust cab drivers to bring you to cheap and good food. Ps just make sure that you can trust the cabbie before you do that! We were on a cab and on the way back to the hotel when I asked the Taxi Driver if he could introduce some nice food to me as the food I had on that trip was disappointing to say the least.

He asked if we mind heading to somewhere that was somewhat dingy and not too classy, we replied no worries as long as the food is food. He brought us to Joi Hing and this was the 1st of many return trips!

Years later, it made the cover of one of the local Hong Kong food magazines and was named the best Char Siu in Hong Kong, why didn’t that surprise me?

Joi Hing serves some of the very best Char Siu like ever! The proportion of fat and lean meat is perfection and the caramelized crystallized Char Siu! The place may look dingy, dirty and located near a rather seedy street in Wan Chai, I have no qualms of returning for their Char Siu time after time! My tip for you is to ask for takeout and eat in the comfort of your hotel rooms lolz. It’s street address is 265-267 Hennessy Road Wan Chai, but the restaurant is actually on Stewart Road, next to Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant.

Joi Hing BBQ
265-267 Hennesy Road,Wan Chai
Tel: 2519-66395

  1. that particular cab driver knew too.

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