Friday Brunch @ Momotaro

In Eating out, Musings on October 19, 2010 at 09:14

Hey peeps,

I’m thinking of organizing a Friday brunch at Momotaro on 5th Nov! Do let me know if you would like to join me!
Those of u will know me will know that I love Japanese food!!!


  1. Haha is it free flow of sashimi? Humph, pretty limited menu choice, missing the infamous soft shell crab?!

    If dress code = t-shirt+jeans+thongs, I dun mind to give a try…”;>

    Can I tumpang ur car? I dun drive n we’re both oso at the greens, if you have free seats..:D

  2. wat happen 2 ur car….u abuse it..:P

    hehe thx 1st..^^

  3. nothing of that sort, got scratched by some idiot in the carpark.

  4. hope your car is out from workshop by now…:)

    arghh…sorry but I gotta give this Fri brunch a pass coz clashs with my friend’s bday…”;>

    we can still make it for a cuppa next time since we’re in the same community area..:P

    enjoy yourself!!

  5. sorry, i gotta give it another miss..:( flying out since it’s a long break…hehe u? any plan for Eid break?

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