Hong Kong Food Adventures Part 1 – AUNTY SWEET 甜姨姨 私房甜品

In Eating out, Food from Home, Hong Kong, Outside Dubai on October 2, 2010 at 16:03

Aunty Sweet is a non-descriptive little shop in is located in Tin Hau, a quiet suburb in Hong Kong Island that is mere minutes away by train to the hustle and bustle of Central. You will not find many tourists in this area and in fact the tip to visit this shop was given to me by a good friend who resides in Hong Kong.

It is nested in a shop house and there are less than 10 tables available in the whole shop. What makes this shop so special and sets it apart from the rest including big boys like Xu Liu Shan? It is the attention to details, the willingness to experiment and not forgetting good quality ingredients. They serve some of the nicest and more innovative desserts that I’ve had in awhile.

Worth a special mention is the range of durian desserts available and I would like to add that the desserts that we had that day were so nice we actually ordered more to bring with us when we were done dining in.

They also have an unique take on tang yuan or sweet rice dumplings. In addition to the traditional, crushed peanut, red bean and black sesame fillings, they had chocolate and peanut butter as fillings. The taste of this actually reminded me of the chocolate flavored skippy peanut butter I used to love as a kid! Great stuff …

This is now added to my list of must eat places the next time I return to Hong Kong!

AUNTY SWEET 甜姨姨 私房甜品
G/F, 13 Tsing Fung Street,
Tin Hau, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2508 6962

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