Thai Terrace

In Eating out on September 27, 2010 at 10:22

No pix for this post cos the memory card with the pixs was damaged…@#$%^&*

Back up photos found in blackberry! I heart my bb!

Honest to goodness authentic Thai food that doesn’t cost the earth, I just can’t believe how good this is! Back in the treasure trove of a neighborhood of Al Karama, another Gem is uncovered.

Thai Terrance is a little gem of a restaurant that is tucked away in the little corner of the building on SZR opposite Bujuman , it looks pretty rundown from the outside but please don’t be deceived by the appearance. A different world awaits once you go through the heavy teak doors.

The waitress who greeted me in dressed in the traditional Thai national dress and to my surprise she actually hails from Thailand. This made me pretty certain that I was in for a treat!

Papaya salad to start our meal, followed by the deep fried stuffed chicken wings, stuffed deep fried crab with shells, phaithai and horfan. Dessert was a nice classic, Red Ruby!

Dinner came up to be about AED265 for the 3 of us.

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