The Noodle Bowl

In Eating out, Food from Home on September 24, 2010 at 09:46

Lip-smacking authentic Chinese/Southeast Asian food for a steal! Yes, right here in Dubai! Its located in Satwa amongst the shops that bring you some of the famous shawama aka dubai’s local take on fast food that’s cheap and good.

You know that you are in for a treat when the cafe is filled with Southeast Asian who are looking for a taste of home. The place is nothing to look at and looks somewhat like a mishmash of colors that sort of clash but no worries cos the star of this show is not the place but the food!

You get some of the best char kway teow in Dubai. The Dim Sum are pretty much the real deal from the char siu bao that we tried. The mee goreng felt more like char mee but it was good enough, chockablock seafood fills the plate. The kongbao chicken was a decent rendition and the surprise of the day came from the tah taliek which was divine!

The bonus was the complementary dessert that ended our meal with a sweet note! Will we be back? U bet! We paid AED120 for a dinner that was good for the both of us and we even had enough takeways for lunch on the second day! Talk about bang for your buck!!!

The Noodle Bowl
Dune Centre, Satwa, Dubai
+971 4 3453381


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