UAE Driver’s License

In Musings on September 6, 2010 at 21:52

I finally got what I was waiting for … I finally passed my driving test after like 5 attempts. I never failed so many times in my life!!! No more heartaches and self-doubts!!!

Got a lecture from the tester too but I don’t care cos I got my license!!!

Got to go back on Wednesday for it but whatever!!!

  1. congrats! I have YET to be bothered to obtain one UNLESS we are forced to drive.

    Btw, how much in total (after 5 attempts) you paid? I’m amazed how expensive it is the fees were.

    I though Sg license could be converted?

    • thanks … well had no choice but to get one cos i need it for my job but im lucky i got it within 3 mths … i spent abt AED8k which is pretty little compared to some other people I know

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