Up and Down Sundae

In Eating out, snacks n bites on August 14, 2010 at 09:40

Ever wanted to try something different??? There are days when I’m just plain bored and do funnie things. This is a day like that …

I went up to the counter and told the wait staff, ” Give me a sundae but surprise me.”
The lady at the Mac Donald’s counter smiled and presented this to me … She calls it the up and down sundae …

Good stuff for a hot summer afternoon …
Lovely and so totally made my day!

Maybe you can try this some time!

  1. Wahhahaha.. that is a great way to test on-the-spot, impromptu customer svs 😀

    Think in S’pore if I were to do that…. I will like the look “HUH?” and then…. will overhear a comment made abt me…. “this one-sieow” one

    • Well Sandra, I’ve always been the siao one wat but I must say the frontliners in McD’s here are pretty gd most of the time!

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