Yeh Jun Korean Restaurant

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Yeh Jun Korean Restaurant

This may sound kinda silly in the heat of summer but my friend had a sudden craving for Korean seafood hotpot and so the search to find authentic Korean food in Dubai was on.

After checking out with friends and doing some research online, we finally found Yeh Jun Korean Restaurant.
It is located in the 2nd floor above Safestway supermarket, along SZR. Not the easiest place to locate but you are in for a treat when you find it.

There are 3 restaurants located on the second floor and I would think that they belong to the same group.
The choices were Korean, Thai and Seafood.

There were 6 varieties of kimchee served and I like the chicken and fish ones best. Point to note, no refills are available here.

We ordered the spicy seafood hotpot and the oyster pancake.

The seafood hotpot came with its own burner and was filled with prawns, calamari, fish, clams and crab,
Not to forget the beancurd and the veggies. The stock was flavorful with a subtle taste of the sea and not forgetting a taste of kimchee.

The oyster pancake was yummy only when hot. It was totally horrendous when cool, tasting absolutely oily and greasy. It comes with a highly not recommended to order from me.

All in all food was above average but please do stick to the old favorites.

Yeh Jun Korean Restaurant
2nd floor on Safestway Building along SZR

  1. hmm…is it authentic?? cravings for korean food, frens suggest to go there…worth 2give it a GO?

    I’m just moved into The Greens 2 weeks ago, maybe we can catch up for a cuppa..:D

    • Hi Flynn,

      the food is pretty authentic and most of the people there are koreans! well its worth it if you are keen on korean food.

      sure we can meet up sometime for a meal if u are also in the greens!

      • thanks debz.

        well, ended up we went 2 china gate 4 dinner instead.

        yeah sure but not tis few wks as kinda tied up at works..:(

        nice hk food pics….guess u’re sweet tooth ppl too…bingo?!

      • you are most welcome How was china gate?

    • @Flynn – if you’re in the Greens, there’s a Korean restaurant in the Byblos Hotel Tecom. It’s on the mezzanine floor. Food is great but some of it is really pricey. ie Beef Kalbi 220dhs. If you pick your dishes well and don’t drink too much Makgeolli you won’t walk out skint.

      I’m going to try out Yeh Jun place out tonight. Sound pretty good.

  2. it’s hotpot, but i dun feel the kick even i had the spicy soup.

    the food is so-so but at least it’s something different especially alwiz having lebanese/indian food 4 lunch..”;>

  3. Is it the one @Deira, near to old souq?

    since you’ve been eating out alot, maybe you shld consider getting yourself The Entertainer book..value for money:D

  4. haha so u’re really fully utilise the book lolz

    humph, does the book has offer on dine-in @burj al arab, at the top, desert safari tour?

  5. No desert safari tour and dine-in @ burj al arab.
    Ps we have having a foodie brunch @ Momotaro on 5th Nov, wanna join us?

  6. Hi,
    I went to Korea on summer and fell in love with their cuisine there. So naturally, when I got back to Dubai, I had to hunt down the best Korean food place. Yeh Jun definitely is the best Korean food around. I recently moved to London & just got back to spend the summer in DUbai. However, I’ve been hearing Yeh Jun is now closed. Is it true? Would anyone have their phone number or any other contact detail?

  7. Yeh Jun was awesome!! Easily the best Korean food I’ve had in Dubai so far.

    We had Beef Kalbi, Kimchi jjigae, Doenjang jjigae & jijimgae. Included was the usual assortment of appetizers & dessert (ice cream or iced coffee) and we even got a complimentary fruit platter. All up it only cost 200dhs for the two of us.

    @Em – don’t worry Yeh Jun is still open. There are two Yeh Jun restaurants on the 2nd floor of that Safest Way building. One is closed but the other one is definitely open – I was rolling myself out of there on Monday night.

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