Nordsee @ Dubai Mall

In Eating out on July 26, 2010 at 00:38

Okie I admit, it was the seafood chowder that attracted me to this little cafe that is located in the lower ground level food court in Dubai Mall.

The seafood chowder was chockablock full with all kinda of yummy seafood goodness. At last count there were 5 shrimps that were of a good size and plenty of fish and calamari swimming in that soup. Yummy!!! At 20AED or about SGD$8 it is good value!!!

The lemongrass shrimp skewer was yummy plumb crunchy shrimp that was flavorful and best of all it was served with the best thai sweet chilli I had in ages!!At 15AED or about SGD$6. The squid and shrimp skewer was conventional but no less yummy! Grilled to perfection and what a wonderful idea! At 12AED or about SGD$5. Ice-cream cones as containers for the sauces provided!


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