The Day it rained in The Greens, Dubai …. in my apartment

In Musings on July 25, 2010 at 17:42

I was missing the sound of rain and was playing the sound of rain on my laptop when the sound of rain almost felt like it was really raining cos i seem to feel raindrops.

Horrors of horrors it seemed that it was raining in my apartment … what started as a drizzle quickly became a downpour. Within minutes, my kitchen was flooded and i was horrified… Geez who can I can when it is close to midnight? Thank god for a fren who came over when I called.

Emaar security was helpful and they helped to call for the maintainence guys but I bet you can’t guess how long they took to arrive ….

They only came @ almost 4am .. it was a nightmare and sleepless night. and all they could do is to shut the mains so that the water stops …

I was without water …. arugh!!!! and this in the middle of summer!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Call my landlord 1st thing in the morning and they called the agent to fix the place but the agency was another story ….

Sending me untrained labour to perform the task and flooded my apartment again …

to be continued … ….

Thank God for C who lent me a bathroom for the night!


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