Chimes revisited

In Eating out on July 10, 2010 at 00:52

Had a busy busy weekend of shopping and more shopping. The thought of hot spicy yummy laksa soup brought us to Chimes. Before we start, I would like to apologize for the lousy quality of pictures as my S90 had suddenly died without any reason so I’m left no options but to use the camera from my blackberry.

The free prawn crackers and samba chilli dip was yummy. The chilli is soo totally yummy and reminds me of the chilli from katong laksa. There were bits of dried shrimp and laksa leaves in the chilli and this added flavor and character to the chilli. It was so good I requested for seconds and requested to buy some home but was told that they do not sell the chilli. 😦 This dish is good enough for me to forget to take pictures of it, yupz that’s how good it was.

The 1st impression of the laksa was lackluster as it tasted somewhat like a watered down version of thai green seafood curry. What a disappoint right? Well wrong .. The prawns were smaller than the ones from the phad thai but they were fresh. The beehoon was the thin variety and not the thick ones that we are used to but I guess this is as good as it gets. We added the sambal chilli to the laksa and sudden it just tasted soooo much better and the taste is right at last.

Ordered pad thai to share as they do a more than decent pad thai. It turned up to be a mistake as this too much food for 2 gals. Had to doggy bag this but it still taste just as good when I reheated it for lunch on the next day.

Some hits and misses but I will be back!

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