Chimes Far Eastern Cuisine aka Chicken Rice Hotline keke

In Eating out, Food from Home on June 26, 2010 at 00:05

Heard from some friends that I should head down to CHIMES if I’m ever hungry for a taste of Hainanese Chicken Rice. Well it turns out that I wasn’t the one with the craving but since a friend of mine was really hankering for some, we decided to call for our dinner to be delivered from CHIMES. CHIMES only delivers to limited locations and I’m pretty lucky cos they do deliver to my neighborhood. Made my order thru the phone at 1800hrs and wonders of wonders it was delivered within 40 minutes. Great job guys.

The Hainanese Chicken Rice was ordered and I must say it didn’t disappoint, it actually came with the chicken rice chili and the dark soya sauce which is more than other places that I’ve tried in Dubai. The rice has the fragrance from the chicken oil that was used to cook it and the pieces of chicken were nice and tender despite the fact that chicken breast was served. Well, despite it not being of Tian Tian, Loy Kee or Boon Tong Kee standards, it is still more than decent and can hold its own against the average Hainanese Chicken Rice in the hawker center or food court back in Singapore. AED39 or SGD$15.30 is a price that I’m willing to pay if the craving strikes!

The other dish that we ordered to share was Thai! We had Pad Thai Kung Sod or Pad Thai with Prawns. It had dried shrimps, peanuts, chives, bean sprouts and tofu like all good Pad Thai should have. The noodles were nicely flavored and you can most definitely taste the hint of fish sauce that was used. The shrimps were fresh, succulent, crunchy and a most delightful complement to the noodles. AED37 or SDG$14.50.

The food was delivered piping hot and with such reasonable prices, I’m sure that I’ll be calling back for more!

Chimes Far Eastern Cuisine
Seven Sands Hotel Apartments, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact: 04 3234211
Webbie :


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