Zinc @ Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheik Zayed Rd

In Nightlife or what passes for it on June 24, 2010 at 00:56

Decided to meet some galfrenz for a nite out and someone had suggested that we check out Zinc. Zinc is located inside Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheik Zayed Rd.

No pictures for this outing as it has been a total washout. I must say that I’ve been to my fair share of clubs around the world and this is almost one of the worst ones I’ve ever been to.

The bouncers at the door are absolutely the rudest that I’ve ever met and the club is totally overhyped and the music on a Friday night was appalling I wonder how people can dance to this. The crowd was not what I had expected and there were just too many hookers and desperate guys there. To add salt to the wound, the drinks were totally watered down and the bar couldn’t even make a decent martini.

Tip to the guys there, just because you are a gal does not make you a prostitute, do not assume that all girls who club are hookers. Some of us just wanna dance and chill out with our friends.

I trust that I will not be back cos this is my first and my absolute last visit to this ‘club’.

  1. Zinc used to be good back in the day and had a great band. But the last time I went there, when they had just renovated the place, it was a horrible experience. The bouncers were always rude and many times we got rejected because we were “not on the guest list”. And yes… they have watered down their drinks and increased their prices. It’s really become pathetic.

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