House of Prose and Tony Roma’s @ Ibn Battuta Mall

In Eating out, Musings on June 6, 2010 at 00:02

Was at the Ibn Battuta Mall over the weekend as I was looking for the famed expat 2nd hand bookstore, House of Prose. The House of Prose is indeed a hidden gem that is so different from the generic bookstores like Borders and Kinokuniya, it has an interesting selection of books and I always find great reads here.

Was hungry after getting the books so we went hunting our dinner. There’s something about seeing a familiar food chain when you are hungry, at least you are assured that the food is edible (well at least that happens most of the time).

Have seen reviews on how bad the beef ribs were and thus didn’t want to risk a bad dinner. Ordered the seafood grill and chicken sliders to share instead. This turned out to be a good decision as we had a scrumptious dinner that was worth every cent that we paid.

We were served the complementary onion loaf with garlic and herbed butter, while we waited for the rest of the food to arrive. The onion loaf was warm and it was wonderful complimented by the garlic and herbed butter that melted on contact with the toasty warm bread. We finished every last bit of both the loaf and the garlic and herbed butter.

The seafood grill with rice and steamed vegetables were the next to arrive, it was topped by 6 succulent grilled shrimps and a huge serving of grilled Hammour. The seafood was well done with the succulent and sweet shrimps and the fresh grilled hammour, we didn’t even need to add the spicy tatar sauce that was provided as they were good on their own. The rice was flavorful and tasted of the sea. AED50 or SGD$19.60.

The chicken sliders were served with a side of fries and coleslaw. The chicken sliders were nice but could be better. I guess I would rather they use chicken thigh rather than chicken breast but that’s just a personal preference. The fries were nice and golden brown and tasted great with the honey mustard sauce provided. The coldslaw was creamy, lip-smacking so much so that I almost ordered seconds. AED37 or SGD$14.50

All in all it was a nice and affordable meal served in a typical American Chain.

Tony Roma
Ibn Battuta Mall, China court
Contact: +9714368-5655

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