Spicy Village

In Eating out on June 3, 2010 at 00:52

I realized that despite moving to a new city and a new job, there are some things that never change.

This constant for me includes taking my team out of the office for one breakfast or lunch meeting a week. I believe that this actually helps to improve productivity as we bond better as a team and that some issues can be resolved by better communication within the team.

One month into the job, I finally had time to bring my operations team for a breakfast meeting that was away from the office. We decided to go somewhere near the office and on the suggestion of one of the guys, we ended up at Spicy Village Restaurant (although it seems more like a café to me, keke).

The Spicy Village Restaurant is located on the 1st floor in Grand City Mall. Grand City Mall is a low-cost mall that caters mainly to the laborers who live in the labor camps that are located in the Al Quoz area.

The menu offered was extensive, with them offering Arabic, Indian, Philipino and Continental dishes. As we were only keen on breakfast, we ended up having burgers and sandwiches with coffee, tea and juices.

Some highlights of the meal include the Zinker Club sandwiches and the Hammour Fillet Burger.

The Zinker club sandwiches had white sandwich bread that had a filling consist of fried chicken cutlets, chicken egg mayo and vegetables. A generous service of 4 sandwiches and fries only cost AED10 or less than SGD$4.

The Hammour Fillet Burger had a nice sesame bun, fresh lettuce, tomato slices and the hammour fillet was moist and flaky. Great value at AED8 or about SGD$3.25.

The biggest surprise I had for the meal was the bill and may I say that it was a pleasant one. A meal for 5 here including drinks only cost me AED36 or SGD$14. The service is a little lacking as they took a good twenty minutes to serve us our drinks and a further 15 before the food arrived but for good food at such a reasonable price, I guess I will be back soon. Word of caution, as Al Quoz is a labor camp area, you might not wish to go there alone if you are a lady! But the good news is that they have a delivery service, will have to try that out one day!

Spicy Village
Grand City Mall, 1st Floor,
Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai
Contact: +97143400148


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