The Saga continues in my quest for a UAE Drivers’ License

In Musings on May 31, 2010 at 10:51

OMG!!! U won’t believe what kind of lessons I’ve been getting in the driving school.

So much for road safety but it means nothing when common sense is not used. I mean who the hell steps on the accelerator when the traffic light turns amber? Apparently that’s wat my instructor wanted me to do and then he proceeded to tell me off for stopping …. WTF

The worst has yet to come! In fact, he stated that u r supposed to take corners @ 0km per hour, just put ur car in drive … Btw the same principle is to be applied for u turns …

He also said that u will be fined for going anything more than 60km/hr in a 60km zone. Guess wat when I listened to him for once, all the cars behind started to use the horn at me.

With instructors like that, no wonder many people need multiply tests before they pass.

Hopefully I can pass soon and get away from that instructor!


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