Oyster Sauce Chicken and Mushrooms

In Food from Home on May 22, 2010 at 10:50

There are some days when you get sick of eating out and you just crave for something from home? But you have been hard at work all day and are just too tired to cook an entire meal when there is just you that you are cooking for. At times like these, I would throw the ingredients for this recipe in a slow-cooker in the morning and come back to a nice warm dinner after work.

Debz’s Oyster Sauce Chicken and Mushrooms


1. 500 grams of Chicken Wings
2. 300 grams of Mushrooms
3. 2 big Onions finely chopped
4. 3 Cloves of Garlic finely chopped
5. 3 Tablespoons of Oyster Sauce
6. 2 Tablespoons of Dark Soy Sauce
7. 3 Tablespoons of Light Soy Sauce
8. 3 Tablespoons of Japanese Mirin
9. ½ Teaspoon of Olive Oil


1. Marinade the Chicken Wings in using Ingredients 5 to 8 for at least 2hrs, works best if you can marinade them overnight..
2. Heat the frying pan and add Olive Oil.
3. Stir fry the Onions and Garlic till they are golden brown
4. Brown the Chicken Wings with the Onions and Garlic.
5. Add the marinade to the pan and bring to a boil.
6. Transfer the contents of the pan to the slow cooker and set to low heat.
7. Come home from work to enjoy a nice and warm dinner.

  1. yeah… i got the recipe… hee

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