The Chinaman

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The Chinaman is a hole in the wall diner in the Al Karama or Karama as it is commonly known. Karama is a residential district of Dubai close to Dubai Creek and part of the bustling older part of the city. Although it is primarily a residential area, it is known in Dubai as a centre for cheap furniture and the covert sale of counterfeit branded goods such as handbags and watches.

A friend of mine bought me for dinner there when I asked for recommendations for decent Chinese food that could be had for a reasonable price. He told me that his kids loved this little and that they would eat there at least once a week when they were in town. This sounds like a testimony that this place would serve at least some decent food and the bonus is that it was pretty near the service apartment that I was putting up at then. This piped my attention and made me say, “Bring me, I wanna try that!”

First impressions of the Chinaman is interesting as there were only 4 tables in the diner and I guess that they would be hard-pressed to cope with more than 16 guests at any one time. We arrived a little too early at 1745hrs and were told to wait till they opened for business at 1800hrs. We were probably the only customers in the restaurant having dinner at 1800hrs as most people here do tend to have late dinners that start at 2000hrs or 2100hrs.

We ordered hot & sour soup, chicken on sticks, stir fried beef with broccoli and stir fried pak choi with mushroom beancurd.

The hot and sour soup was not fantastic but I reckon it is one of the better ones that you can get in Dubai.

The chicken on sticks was basically just marinaded fried chicken wings, nothing special.

The stir fried beef with broccoli was really good with tender beef slices and fresh green broccoli that was cooked in a simple brown sauce. It tastes great but I guess the chef could go a little easier on the salt as it came across as a little on the salty side.

The stir fried pak choi with mushroom beancurd took top spot as the dish of the day. It was simply yummy and I could go back just for this dish.

Some interesting facts, there are no Chinese working in this Chinese restaurant as the wait staff were from the Philippines and the chef to my surprise was from India. Yes as per most diners in Dubai, they do home delivery too! And I think a return trip is in order!

The Chinaman
Shk. Hamdan Colony, Karama Shop No. 8, Block No. 10
Contact: +971 509216625
Opening Hours:
1100hrs to 1500hrs
1830hrs to 2359hrs

  1. The dishes look decent and home cooked too. Hows the price like?

    • Price is pretty decent esp for dubai … typical cze-char prices … the meal you see here cost 110AED or abt SGD$45…

  2. Very interesing blog.

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