Any Makan Kakis and Fellow Food bloggers here?

In Musings on May 14, 2010 at 04:15

I can’t believe that I spent my thurs nite @ home, doing my laundry, cleaning up my place and cooking Jap curry! Baked some chocolate muffins and cookies too … Edited my food photos and wrote my food blog entry too! Think I’m getting too domesticated for my own good. Think I need to get out more, socialize and network! This is bad for my social health

Spent my 1st wkend here house-hunting, spent my 2nd wkend moving to my new apartment and finally my 3rd wkend has come around. I gonna be heading out soon to shop and join some friends for dinner. I think I wanna visit the places of interest, go ski, go go-karting, go sand duning and stuff but can’t do that when I’m not driving yet so I guess that they say is true, your social life doesn’t start till you get your own wheels. I don’t want to spend all my wkends shopping in the malls cos I think that there is more to life than shopping and that I should learn more about the culture of my new city. Hopefully I’ve got time for that cos I just got news from my bosses that I’ll be expected to travel quite a bit in the near future.

Still on the lookout for new makan kakis, so that I can explore more new makan places and blog about them. Any idea where I can find them? keke .. Kinda missing my flood bloggers’ dinners … might have to try starting my own group here.

  1. Hi – I’m a food blogger in Dubai. I had never heard of makan kakis until I read your blog…sounds interesting. Good luck in Dubai – there’s definately more to life than shopping!

    • Hi Sally, good to hear from a fellow food blogger … “makan” means eating and “kaki” means friend in Malay so a makan kaki is a friend who also loves good food.
      Thanks for stopping by and do drop some recommendations of good food places in Duabi!

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