Korean RAW Crab

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A delicacy it seems according to local colleagues!

Preserved and fermentated in local soya sauce. 

Tastes like crab sashimi and the roe is the best part. It is usually eaten with rice and soju ( local rice alcohol) 


Spicy Korean Chicken with rice cake

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I was just being a glutton after my huge Korean bbq meal, I was walking back to the hotel when the smell of spicy chicken called out to me. 

So I got one to go! The chicken were boneless chicken thighs yum and the sauce was suitably sweet and spicy without the taste of kimchee that I personally dislike. 

The rice cake provided a chewy contrast to the crispy chicken and did go so well with the sauce.

Yea so it was worth the extra hour I had to spend in the gym!

Traditional Korean Snack: Egg Muffins

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Sweet savoury crunchy base topped with a runny egg on the top, the classic Korean Street food that can be found just around every street corner,  unfortunately it did nothing for me.  The taste just didn’t appeal to me.  Well at least I tried it twice, so I did give it a fair try.